Why Feminism Can’t Help Third World Women

I know that some people are traveling under the delusion that feminism is about equality. They believe it’s a political response to injustices, but it isn’t. Feminism is about complaining.

Complaining, in general, isn’t a bad thing, but when you ask for things that no one can conceivably give you without a tyrannical system and human rights violations, it does become a problem. When you proceed to then blame an entire gender for problems that no one can solve, it becomes a serious problem.

There will always be rape. There I said it. You aren’t going to stop it. Even if you got rid of all the men, women would rape. It’s a crime that a percentage of the population is always going to commit. To subvert this, you’d have to do something unethical like implant some kind of thought controlling brain chip to punish them when they think such thoughts.

That’s no way for anyone to live. People would be so afraid to think about sex that they’d never have sex or intimacy. We need those things. Love makes society better and more compassionate. You would have to sacrifice the possibility of romantic love to receive a fleeting moment of safety.

You aren’t going to stop the occasional man or woman from getting drunk and groping someone. It’s just not going to happen. People get drunk, they do stupid things. All we can do is punish that. Take away drugs and alcohol and you get an environment like prohibition, minus the awesome jazz and excellent fashion. People then proceed to abuse substances even more heavily because it’s forbidden, and it confounds the problem.

You aren’t ever going to have equity in reproductive rights. In fact the average First world woman has more reproductive rights than most of the world, men included. Hell, women blow men away when it comes to reproductive rights. Men in the first world, respect women so much, that they are willing to let them kill their unborn children to keep women from being inconvenienced. A concept like that is unheard of in many cultures.

Do you know what they call birth control in third world countries? They call it not having sex outside of marriage. But we’ve done away with such an idea in the first world, because the sexual revolution happened, and we made it normal for people to have drunken meaningless hook ups. We’ve made it normal for women to be having so much sex between work and everything else, that it would be unreasonable to expect her to be sexually responsible.

So we think nothing of women having needless abortions that could be prevented with birth control methods and responsible sex. We even go so far as to make the life growing in a woman seem less like a life you’ve snuffed out of existence, all to make irresponsible women feel comfortable in their decision to be thoughtless selfish irresponsible assholes.

I’m not even talking about the abortions performed on women for medical issues here. I’m not talking about victims of incest or rape. I’m talking about the majority of abortions performed on stupid irresponsible cows, who didn’t take the two minutes needed to make sure her boyfriend wore a condom, or didn’t take her birth control pills correctly.

Women have so many rights, that we celebrate the privileges we’ve given them in the first world. We relish in their freedom from responsibility and accountability. Why should we expect women to act like responsible adults in the first world, when they receive no serious consequences for acting like total assholes?

At the point that you realize that men are so yielding in the west that they give women whatever they ask for, feminism becomes a really disgusting thing in your mind. It becomes a group of spoiled entitled princesses asking the government for things that would violate the rights of others if they received it. Yet what do the extremely liberal “progressive” men in government do? They fucking move mountains to pass that kind of legislation.

There is a reason why feminism can’t help the women who really need it. It’s because first world feminists are entirely incapable of making a lasting impact on the kinds of governments guilty of the more serious human rights violations.

The seriously oppressive governments are not going to give two fucks about some stupid first world women telling them how to run their country. The third world countries that aren’t oppressive, can’t afford to employ the number of people needed to protect even the most basic of human rights, let alone protecting those of women.

Women have it so good in the first world that they can not conceive of how to meaningfully help women who are victims of rape and violence in countries where it’s the norm. In fact, there was a woman not too long ago who did by far one of the most useless things I can think of for third world women. She traveled around to different countries and made chalk art about rape.

Nothing too fancy, mostly just words, and most of the time she didn’t even bother to write it in the different languages either. Nope, it was stuff about rape, and something like 98% of it was written in English, a language that the people can’t even understand and in areas of the country that are rich enough to have pavement. Good job!

So then she tried her hippie shit in Africa, and guess what happened? Low and behold, she got raped. Which is unfortunate and terrible, but then she proceeded to live blog the aftermath of said rape. Which sad to say, will probably do more for stopping sexual assault in the area than drawing some hearts on the ground in rainbow chalk.

But this right here is the problem with feminism. These women can not even begin to conceive of what real human rights violations look like, or the brutality of human nature. They’ve been shielded from all that growing up. So when they see what remains of human brutality in the first world, they blame men for it and not human nature. Because if it’s human nature, you can’t teach it away. If it’s human nature, you can’t fix it and you just have to deal with it for as long as we continue to be human.

Feminism is not the fight for equality. It’s first world women who live in countries that do well economically and socially, complaining to their governments about human nature and asking them to move heaven and earth to try and subvert it. Then when those men fail to subvert human nature, the women get angry and make signs. They say that they live in a horrible oppressive patriarchial society.

These women wouldn’t know oppression if it bit them in the ass, and so they start campaigns and do protests. Not to promote equality mind you, but inequality. Because in order to make these women feel safe, men are willfully giving up their rights and freedoms to protect them from other men. These women in their infinite privilege still have enormous inferiority complexes and take it out on everyone until some of the most powerful people on the planet are bullied into submission.

You aren’t going to get gender equality. Men and women are different. They have different needs and desires. They have different habits and ways of expressing emotion, and everything we’ve done for women to this point is mostly done to placate the emotions of women. Men have power, but women have social power. If women are upset, they can destroy men socially so that they have no power at all. That is what feminism is.

Feminism is not a move for equality. True equality is impossible because none of us are the same, in body, skill, attributes, or otherwise. Equality under the law is difficult but more likely. Feminists are not pushing for equality, but increasing privileges for angry spoiled selfish women who appreciate nothing they are given, and who always ask for more.

It doesn’t empower women. It is empowering in the way that crying is empowering to a screaming child having a tantrum in the middle of a department store. When you are a spoiled privileged over-glorified child, equality seems like oppression. When you’re used to receiving whatever you want, the moment you don’t seems like the action of a tyrannical system.

This is why first world feminists can’t meaningfully help third world women. They are using the tactics that they use on first world men, to try and shame third world men who have to deal with serious problems like war, famine, sanitation, and finding clean drinking water. Who the hell is going to care that women are just a little bit upset, in places like that?

Feminism doesn’t help those women. Opportunities to get out of that situation, do. But even that isn’t equality. Because the men in that kind of hostile environment won’t ever have the opportunities that you give to the few women you can help. It’s still about privileging women, and not about equality. Those privileges are still often short lived, because culturally these women are different. So they’ll go to these schools that first world people will build out in Africa and similar places, and then they’ll go get married instead of having a career.

Why? Because those women don’t live in the spoiled privileged culture that we do. Many women in those countries are satisfied to find a kind man who treats them well and to have children with that man. But feminists see that as a kind of sexual slavery, and so they have to try and save the poor brown women from their decisions because, they just don’t know any better, right?

These women don’t understand why poor third world women wouldn’t want to live in their world of drunken hookups, career-obsessed women, and birth control. It’s because, despite all the turmoil, those women are all happier on average than we are. We’re miserable sacks of flesh on a laundry list of mood stabilizers and anti-depressants, and feminists think our life here in the west is a paradise in comparison.

That’s not to say that really horrible shit doesn’t happen to women in those third world countries. What I am saying is that those women are easily contented because life out there is a struggle. They are just happy to be alive. They are happy to have days without harsh treatment and to have moments where violence ceases if only for a little while.

Not us, though. We’re miserable because we can’t be satiated. We can’t be contented with the simple pleasures of life. We can’t be happy in the knowledge that we’ve been shielded from a brutality that we will never know of. A way of life that people fight and die to protect.

That way of life creates spoiled privileged princesses who are miserable and have to make everyone else miserable. That’s feminism, and that’s why they can’t improve the lives of women in third world countries. We can only successfully make them as miserable as the rest of us. Economically great, but emotionally stunted and depressed. That my friends is why feminism can’t help the third world.


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