Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Wow, that was probably the most eloquent and tragically stupid thing that I have ever read. The problem is not society nor the internet. People have always had mean offensive things to say from the existence of human speech. The reason that this is tragically stupid is that you believe that just because we have the internet, and just because we have social media, that the world needs to be nicer. Humans aren’t like that. They’ve never been like that. The problem is that people decided to create a means for people to talk to each other and they stupidly expected everyone to play nice.

People are different. They have differences in opinion. As long as people differ in opinion, they will always have not so nice things to say to each other. There is no epidemic of abuse, that has been carefully cultivated by our society. Social media just allowed people to look into the face of human nature itself and you like everyone else is understandably horrified by the stark contrast between what people say in polite company, and what they are actually thinking. Twitter isn’t dead or dying. It merely provides a window into worst aspects of humanity. Welcome to reality.

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