when another door closes a better one opens,well at least that’s i wanna belive…

i belive that not everyone is meant to win at the same time,but i do belive that everyone deserves a triumph every now and then, wheater your bad or good,we all deserve a win..

it’s what god prepared for all of us.

you can ask for many things in this world,you can dream what ever your hearts desires,but with that also comes the concequences of your heart being broken when it’s not meant for you..

losing is a close friend of winning, without it we won’t be able to appreciate our accomplishments better,we would take everything for granted.

we would even forget our faith to god.

i’ve seen many sorrows in this world,many reasons for me to stop beliving,many people who have told me that im nothing,and saw many people who have not survived this world with a happy end.

but that doesn’t stop me,nor do i want it to stop anyone,we all deserves to experience a win in our lives,and we shouldn’t stop hoping just because others got it sooner.

this message is for me,for anyone who felt cheated or mistreated, and for my dear friend who i know deserves greatness better than anyone, yet she still has to wait..

just a little longer..

for you my dear friend i want you to know that even though you have experienced lost, you will aquire your vengeance through triumph in a form better than you have ever asked or recived, better than your friends, better than your enemies, better than anyone.

belive me when i say..

what god has planed for you is greater than anything you could have ever imagine.

you shall earn that glory


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