Nauli Cable Artists are nominated for the Etsy Design Awards in Germany and Austria

Why taking a challenge brings us forward

When a two people company is nominated for the Etsy Design Awards…

Nauli is a small design studio near Munich, which started in 2008 to make the world happier with (mostly) colorful, yet timeless products.

As thousands of small handmade businesses, we started with quite some skills (Communication Design, Cultural Studies and Literature) and a big, big passion for craft. Not really perfect for launching a business which is built on marketing our products ourselves.

We produce by hands, by our 4 hands. And we could easily figure out, how long, we would work on a photo album, but we had no idea, what costs and efforts would be involved to market it. The last years was a crazy ride, of learning, crafting, fighting, but happiness — and the feeling of freedom to make our own thing was the best. We learned SEO, we became social-media proficient, our to-do-list is an ever increasing thing — and we still are two, with four hands, two brains, four eyes…

We know, we do a good job. Our paper products are loved by nice people around the globe. Their feedback is thriving! (And they find us via Google or Etsy — which means, we’re doing good when it comes to SEO!) But we also know, we never do enough.

When we put our brand new product — the cable artists — into the German Austrian Etsy Design Awards, we knew, it would be a challenge, if the jury would choose us into the finalists. And they did! And here the challenge comes: Suddenly we are required to write press releases and no longer just wait and hope, that the press will find our product. Suddenly we don’t have time, to make new product photos, but they have to be ready by tomorrow. No way to wait for good sunlight.

And you know what? We can do it! And it feels great! We get comments from people worldwide how they liked our new fun items. Our Instagram audience has increased by 500 people in one week. And we even write this Medium article! Challenges are a crazy way to bring you forward, but they do!

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