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You should obtain bills and coins from bank or ATM, then you first look at the various denominations of bills to learn their very careful of getting some change of large money with your money.

We recommend you checking the following characteristics on the money when you receive it from anywhere:

Printing quality:

Counterfeit bills have the most part dull level and need detail that is available in real cash. Forgers utilize counterbalance or computerized printing that can’t coordinate the nature of any national currency or other expert printing press.

Colored fibers:

They are generally colored fibers in it and piece of the paper. In the event that they look as though they were printed, the bill is likely fake. …

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A real passport can open the world for anyone who is taking the passport. You should accept the passport from the government official if you prevent any scams. Once you have accepted a passport, someone who blackmail you and want to stealing your passport and then demand money for passport return.

Following we discuss the points in order to how to avoid passport forgery:

Confirm you meet the fully requirements:

It might be little bit basic but you should apply for a country if you qualify for that.

Confirm that you satisfy the requirements for a passport by visiting your nearest passport office. …

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Application of fire detection as tool has increase to due to the frequent occurrence of extended fire with consequences on human health and security. This current detection methods which are based on electronic sensors are usually depend on heat and pressure sensors. …

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We define passport forgery as issued by authorized person/people of government to people to travel outside in any world. The goal of the passport is to allowing people to enter any country by providing legal proof of identity. Misusing a passport is a crime in any country.

Committing the passport crime:

Passport fraud is usually committed by:

· Lose the identity of a person to use their passport for their favor.

· Use false documents; such that fake certificate, change name instead of owner name, change visa with respect to own favor.

· Modified passports such as change photo with himself photo. …

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Robot mean any machine made by man that can perform any action normally a human can performed. The history of man-made automated machines has much lengthier past. Greeks made simple automated machines use as tools and toys. Often one question arises in our minds why we use robots and What are the Benefits of Robots? The answer of this question is that the robots are cheaper than humans. Robots can perform the same thing many times without getting bored. In many areas the tasks perform by the robots are often dangerous for humans to do like bomb defusing. Some tasks requires the high accuracy which is not possible by man to provide .We …



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