New Social Network Syme intends to tap in the Market of the Disillusioned

A new social network is out there, trying hard to find people to subscribe and interact on their platform. The new network, named Syme, has its targets on a very unique user base. It is actually looking for users disillusioned with the services at Facebook. It also has disgruntled Whatsapp users in its target demographic. On the surface, the new network looks familiar with elements similar to Facebook and Google +. However, a deep look into the features of this network reveals some individual traits.

Syme delivers the optimum level of encryption, obviously trying to attract Facebook users who have privacy as their major concern. The new network would encrypt everything on the site, including status updates, files and photos so that only a select group of people can view the content. In fact, the Canada based service says that the site itself cannot read the content because of the highest level of encryption in the service.

Jonathan Hershon, one of the co-founders explained the new website as a medium to provide top level encryption features to users who are not digital cryptography experts, hackers, or geeks. Jonathan is an important member of the brilliant trio, which developed this latest social network to provide optimum privacy solutions to users. Other founders of the platform include Louise Antoine Mullie and Christopher Marois. The three are students at the McGill University at Montreal. It is interesting to note that none of the founders are actually studying technology in the University. Jonathan is a psychology student, Louis Antoine Mullie is a student of medicine (with strong technical knowledge) and Christopher Marois studies music at the University. The trio went ahead with their idea of developing a secured social media and they actually self-funded the project, working from their homes.

This is also the perfect time to launch Syme. Following the revelations of Edward Snowden, individuals, companies (and governments) around the world are presently super busy in developing internet solutions that would resist any unauthorized snooping from the NSA. Several concrete steps are evolving in the direction. Developers are working on designing exclusive cloud computing systems that would be in complete control of the user. Several cyber security conferences are taking place all over the world.

Companies like Google also expressed their strong displeasure on the data theft by NSA and have been busy upgrading their networks to prevent any data leakage. Law enforcement services are increasingly contacting social media networks like Facebook and Twitter with their prying requests on snooping on to citizens at the slightest pretext. In such a context, the evolution of Syme is only imperative. The new networks’ name is a reincarnation of the character in the same name from George Orwell’s novel 1984 that predicts the surveillance mechanism of the state much before it became a menace like it is today. Syme was a freethinker.

Hershon commented that users all over the world are busy looking for alternative solutions. Syme wants to provide the necessary alternative for private closed group communications. The user interface is pleasant and uncluttered, offering netizens with a refreshing experience. As of now, Syme would be free to subscribe. However, the founders are considering the idea to develop a paid premium feature for niche industries like healthcare, law, and publishing.

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