I’m sure most of you have read the previous game article describing a high level overview of core mechanics. In this article we’d like to talk more about each mechanic and how the game will play.

We all know Nausicaa flies on her glider, and thats why we have decided…

The time has finally come to share how our vision of Nausicaa-Inu – The Game looks like. A huge amount of deliberation and thought was put into creating a fun and tokenomically sustainable game with mechanics that will keep gamers wanting to come back for more. …

First and foremost, the team at Nausicaa Inu would like to give a huge thank you to the community who have stuck by and trusted us through many ups and down since launch.

When we launched Nausicaa none of the team expected such an incredible spike on the first two…

Nausicaa Inu

The ERC20 token programmed to fly! https://t.me/nausicaainuerc20

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