Crypto News Round-Up November 7


Apple’s “Crypto Conspiracy” In Axing Popular Podcast

“Off the Chain”, the fourth most popular podcast for investing was mysteriously taken down by Apple. Host Anthony Pompliano tweeted the censorship came after an episode praising Bitcoin got international attention. As of now, any search for “Off the Chain” in the U.S. iTunes podcast store turns up as “not currently available.”


Use Crypto to Take Out a Mortgage On Virtual Land

The Ripio Credit Network has teamed up with Ethereum based VR platform Decentraland to offer mortgages for virtual land inside the platform. There’s only finite space in Decentraland and it’s being flogged off in 10m2 parcels. Just this week one user paid $215,000 for a 126 parcel estate.


Tron Hits the Magic Million

The Tron Network has surpassed one million transactions per day. Ethereum by contrast, is used only half as often. Tron’s transaction growth is mainly built on gambling and moving Tron to and from exchanges. One reason could be the cheap fees, around two cents per transaction.


PwC Becomes Advisor and Not Auditor Of Stablecoin Project

Hong Kong’s PwC is now advising, rather than auditing, decentralized lending platform Cred on their plans to release a USD-backed coin. William Gee, PwC’s risk assurance emerging technology leader says the global firm will be looking at best practices and standards for issuing stablecoins.


Indemnity Payments in Venezuela Ordered To Be Paid in Petro

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) recently ordered a national institute to pay indemnities to its employee in its state cryptocurrency, Petro. Following a workplace injury, the employee is entitled to a payment of 266 Petros, estimated at USD $15,960. Petro was made available for sale on November 5 and can be purchased via Bitcoin and Litecoin.


Binance Remains Biggest Crypto Platform

The Blockchain Transparency Institute has released global crypto exchange rankings for November. Binance ranks at the top with $1 billion daily volume and 160,000 daily users. OKEx and Huobi solidified their positions as the second and third largest exchanges in the world. Meanwhile, Bitstamp, Coinbase and Krakenfx move up 33, 19 and 23 spots respectively from CMC’s ranking into the Top 10.

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