Social VR Goals! Kickin’ It with VR Artist Rosie Summers

Virtual Reality Artist / 3D Animator Rosie Summers shares her passion for immersive design and the world’s most popular sport, football, also known as soccer in the US.

Navah Berg — SocialVR
Oct 6 · 6 min read

The power of social VR was on full display when I, based in South Florida, virtually sat down with a passionate, inspiring, and expressive VR Artist in London, as though she was right there in the same room with me.

The heART of VR is in the word itself. The artists of today’s worlds are creating the worlds we experience. Let’s get to know Rosie at the heART of what she is creating. Give this article a 👏👏👏 if you want to know more!

Getting to know the heART of the VR Art community in social VR

Who is Rosie Summers?

Rosie Summers, as noted in her LinkedIn profile, is embracing immersive mediums to explore and tell stories in a completely new and form.

By day, Rosie is a 3D animator for XR Games while at night she paints LIVE in Virtual Reality at places like YouTube Space and the National Football Museum in Manchester, England. She is inspired by daily life and has a passion to tell stories through her fine arts background, now mixed into a new reality.

A Rosie Journey Into VR

Rosie: I started my journey off as a fine artist so I was doing a lot of portraits, paintings and traditional sketches. I love telling stories about the person who I was painting, and that naturally progressed into animation to make things move and tell stories in a less static form like a painting on a canvas. Bringing stories into life and transforming them into a 3D realm is how I found VR but this time inside, through the lens of another world.

Here’s what she shared in Facebook social VR about four of her VR art pieces.

1. Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure for Playstation VR


Rosie: This was our newest release at XR Games, Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure. This was my first VR Game I was a part of creating as a 3D animator. The game takes a spin on the traditional Angry Birds, but is so much cooler because it can be accessed in Playstation VR with other players.

Learn more about the Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, here.

2. SCORE ⚽ Lights, Camera, VR Art Live!

Escape and get lost in your own art. That’s how Rosie approaches going LIVE while creating art in VR.

The “Football is Art” exhibition was performed live at the National Football Museum in Manchester in about two hours! A tribute to Brandi Chastain and showcasing the art of football.

Rosie’s Inspiration was Brandi Chastain Historic World Cup Kick

What is performing live like?

Rosie: Joy! I wasn’t the most comfortable performing live before but when I started performing live in VR, it helped me come out of my shell. It’s really amazing being able to paint in a space and bring the performer side to it and bring the strokes to life. It’s such an expressive piece of art. Allowing the audience to watch progression of how paint is forming in space. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush because you don’t really know who’s watching you.

Art Style: Very sketchy and expressive style.

Tribute to Women’s World Cup Football Team

3. A “Summers” Tribute to the Women’s Football ⚽ Lionesses Team

Something inspiring in culture happens and it motivates Rosie Summers to create a virtual reality art piece around it. Entering a space where you can go within your imagination is pretty mind-blowing. The Women’s World Cup is one of the world’s most popular sporting events, especially in her hometown. Here’s what Rosie had to say about her Tilt Brush piece, Lionesses sporting their victory poses, that was partly done LIVE as her “Summer” ⚽ Tribute.

Rosie: This was a tribute to the Lionesses team at the Women’s World Cup. I wanted to put women in the spotlight. Why? This year Women’s Football got promoted more than I had ever seen. I wanted to jump on that and show people the fascinating passion of these female athletes.

Tools Used: Tilt Brush (each person was created in less than an hour)

In this snapshot of the animation, Ellen White, a Lionesses team player, was painted live at the National Football Museum. LIVE in two hours!

Ellen White Inspired Rosie Summers — Here is a Photograph of White’s pose after she scored England’s second goal in the Lionesses victory against Norway in the World Cup 2019. Photo by Sébastien Nogier/EPA

See it on Google Poly!

4. A world within a world: “Future Goals”

Rosie: This was so fun! I had never done anything like it. A world within a world. “Future Goals” was a story about a little girl playing football in the counsel estate and if you zoom into the football (that she’s kicking) you see a new world where her future dreams are unveiled with the little girl scoring the winning goal for England’s football team.

Tool Used: Tilt Brush

Major Meta Feels

Rosie: It was very different experience because I was painting from inside of a world I had already created. Inside of a piece of that world, the football, to display another world that was very different from what the outside of the ball had been.

Note: The Football is Art Exhibition at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England until October 27, 2019.

Rosie Summers painting a self-portrait in VRLive at YouTube Space

4. Self-Portrait in VR

“I poured my heart into this personal piece.“ — Rosie Summers

Rosie never attempted a realistic portrait of herself, however given her Fine Arts background and 3D VR Art skills, it definitely exploded into a masterpiece.

3D Selfie Process

Rosie: To get the realism, I had to take a lot of photos of myself and ended with a space full of pictures of me, it seemed so narcissistic, but every angle had to be considered to make it a realistic 3D piece.

“There was a TV screen with a live feed from the headset, the world coming out my controller was live painted (more performative to paint a world rather than my portrait) in one hour.” -Rosie

The rest is virtually history! Check out her self-portrait in Poly.

What Tools Do You Use?

Rosie Summers’ tools are the next generation of computing — virtual reality headsets. Her collection is a dream for any VR user. Check out her go to tools:


Software/ VR Apps

Tool Goals: She’d like to start working in Gravity Sketch next!

These are just a few examples of how VR tools like Tilt Brush can tell a story, but without actually animating or moving anything. It’s an interactive story of the 3D worlds…and it’s absolutely amazing.

Connect with Rosie to See What’s Next!

Find her on Social Media

Want to learn more about VR Art?

Join the conversation with XR Arts Community Facebook Group run by XR Artists Kevin Ang and Mez Breeze and join me for more interviews with these groundbreaking artist.

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