I’m going to cheat …I like both pieces so much that I feel compelled to reflect on both.

I enjoyed Gregory’s iPhone Contract because it showcases parenting in its most raw form, and of course because it is rare event. The platform on which the mother chose to publish this contract is not conventional, but it is a great social branding/marketing move. Efficiently utilizing social media netiquette, the mother welcomed her young son to an inevitable new stage in his life. I have no criticism of her nor her approach. Yet, I must admit it is mind-boggling that a 13 year old child will be producing and providing information online that will follow him for life. Getting a cellphone as a young teen has turned into one of the ‘cycle of live.’ I’m no luddite, but I just feel like there a certain loss of innocence which forces kids to become adults before they are ready. In my opinion, she did the right thing as a parent.

As someone with a dormant social media life, the Social Media Netiquette was a wake-up call. Those tips and the video by William Arruda, were badly needed reminders of how consequential it is to not take control of one’s personal brand. Neglecting my online brand stops today! All is not lost, while I have not been consistent with my posts- yet I have no content online that will lead to embarassment.

The biggest takeaway from this module, most especially those tips is my renewed desire to revive my online brand. The best part is that this course will provide additional motivation!

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