Is STEAM the Future?

Everywhere I Turn, STEAM Keeps Reinforcing Itself!

I truly believe the future of work, learning and living is rooted in the STEAM approach. Everywhere I turn this concept keeps reinforcing itself.

Kieran Snyde explained how and why in a recent post.

Then, I was remined why I truly believe in the STEAM process, what’s wrong with how it’s applied now and how I envision it.

Yes, the term STEAM has become a buzz word — but, the difference is how one applies it. Often times it is raised in the context of teaching liberal arts majors front-end web development skills; typically bootcamp style, so that they can get a job. This is a disservice to STEAM as a method and it misses the point.

What I always imagined when the term first came to me was breaking away from what C.P. Snow refers to as The Two Cultures. This by no means is an “8, 12 or 52 weeks intensive training to become a web dsigner”, — No, this requires long term commitment to teaching in ways which is fitting for a 21st century world.

We need education reform to equip learners with hard and soft skills alike, because it is required to be resilient and thrive in our knowledge economy.

Think about it, how come it is mandatory for STEM majors to pass at least one course in the Humanities in order to graduate, but there isn’t the same expectation of Arts majors?

Perhaps the more poignant question is…WHEN?