Online Collaboration- Get Beyond the Challenges

So far, everything we have covered in this course has been enjoyable, some more challenging than other- nonetheless very useful. I must say, the week of Online Collaboration was very challenging and even frustrating at times. I am unclear as to why it was such a onerous task; especially because I am in the camp of ‘online makes things easier and more efficient.’ In the end, things sort of worked out and in retrospect, I think there were things I could have done better.

  1. I could have taken more ownership, even if it meant handling everything myself.

2. I should have made an even greater effort to touch base with my group partner.

3. I should have devoted more time towards research.

4. I should have made use of infographics.

5. Had I done all of the above, I would have put my best foot forward.

In that case, the process was not smooth- but it was good to be introduced to these tools. However, I was expecting a lot more. Here are a few, I thought could have been included but were not.

  1. Trello

2. Asana

3. Slack

4. Aha

I am quite familiar with numbers 1–3, and just found out about Aha thanks to promoted ads on my twitter. I briefly checked it out and it seems cool. I find it interesting how these are pretty much the same SaaS tools, that pretty much do the same thing- yet subconsciously we think they are drastically different from one another.

Nonetheless, I think they help us organize better and ultimately more efficient. For example, I am working on a project which I am tracking using Asana. One day I seriously took 4 hours organizing everything on there. It felt like I was not actually doing any work on the project itself, but on this tool. I must say, it was time well spent, what can I say…being organized can help with efficiency.

In other words, these tools are really useful if we use them accordingly.

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