Wonders of using GIT Bash commands.

1.Git Bash is an user friendly command line interface for checking in your code among its competitive git counterparts.

Steps involved to check-in your code using GIT Bash

1.Git clone your URL
2.Right click on the folder where u need to save your code.Click on Git Bash here option.

3.git Clone and give the url.

4.git checkout urfullbranchname.

5.Do you changes and give a git commit with the message.

6.GIT ADD --all.

7.Git commit -m “commit message”.

8.Git push.

Alas! Your are done.☺

Enjoi coding!!!

Working with ASP .Net MVC.

In our normal ASP .NET code,we have onclick events for every button.Unlike that,we don’t have separate onclick events associated with the different buttons in MVC.Thats why it’s important to handle it in a different way.

For example,we have a submit button.we should define a js method to be called from the button in cshtml.In the JS,Onclick event of the method should be defined with the method on the controller action method and it should be trigerred further to trigger that event.

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