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The world is adapting to digital more and more every day, so are the products which are getting launched across the world. Some for B2B, some for B2C, some with a freemium model, and some with a subscription model, etc.

If I want to use a product in a B2B…

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The volume of Videos being consumed is getting higher and higher on a daily basis.

“Analysts predict that, within four years, nearly one million minutes of videos will cross global IP networks every single second. You would need about two years of continuous watching to view everything uploaded in that…

Color has the power to influence you. Try to imagine these popular brands without their signature color? Amazon without their orange and blue? Dropbox without their dark blue? Google without their light blue? FedEx without its purple? Even the products you use every day will go unfamiliar without their active…

Navanee Viswa

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