I chose option one because it will help me be self aware of what I am doing on campus. I want to be more active on campus and this option would help remind me that is something I would like to do. There are many research questions that I could use for my project because I feel like fit in to many categories. Some of the questions are; how does my experience as a first gen. college student similar to other first gen. students? how does my experience as a commuting student similar to other commuting students? and how does my culture make my experience similar or different to other students with similar or different cultures? Of all these options I have chosen to focus on how my experience as first gen. student similar or different to other first gen. students.

I have decided to change my research question. I will no focus more on option 2 of the no service learning track. My research question is how have my classes and being on a college campus have changed or shaped my values, beliefs, strengths, academic and professional interests in comparison to other students of different or similar backgrounds. I’m hoping to see some growth, which so far I feel like I have with my classes.

This video talks about the importance of ethnic studies. Watching this video helped to inform me that there are studies that prove that ethnic studies help. Taking a Chicanx history class my first semester of college has really been eye opening for me. Like Ron I also feel empowered by this class and feel the need to be active in my community. I want to see in what my Chicanx history class has shaped towards the end of this semester. Right now I am thinking of possibly minoring in Chicanx Studies, so I think Ron expressed the importance of ethnic studies that I feel more sure about minoring in Chicanx studies. He also gave a little more history which also enlightened me on the struggle and injustices that these studies have gone through.

I am also taking another language. Apart from the two languages I already speak I wanted to learn more. Knowing two languages has helped me a lot in my life, but this article helped give the big picture of why speaking multiple languages help. I really liked the part where it said that speaking someones language can help you connect with them and it also makes them more comfortable, which I think will help me since I want to study abroad in Italy. There are many benefits to this as it says in the article, but I am excited to see how learning a new language plays out for me this semester.

So far I think that these two classes are going to be the most beneficial to me this semester, but my CLA and Writing class I think have also helped me so far. My writing class especially has helped me explore my writing techniques and what kind of writer I am. It is helping me transition from my normal high school essays where I have a formula and I just had to plug in the normal information I had. In a way this class is helping me learn how to express myself through writing even when it is on topics that I am not to passionate about. While, CLA has also helped me see current issues happening around me. This class has also made me more aware of my surroundings and so I can be better informed. I am also excited to see how classes will play out through the rest of the semester.

Creating the identity flower for me wasn’t difficult. I think it is something that I have been talking about a lot recently so this wasn’t really anything new. However, it was interesting to see it on paper especially in the flower form. It definitely was a different way to look at it.

I think that where we come from or how we identify influences the way we think of things. It influences the way we think of others that identify differently. For example, two people who come from a similar background, but don’t identify the same way might think differently just because their identity gives them a different perceptive. It happens vice versa to. For example, two people who identity, lets say as Chicano, might not think the same way if they’ve had different experiences. Our mixtures identities and backgrounds help build everyones character.

I am a person that finds it essential to know where you come from me and who you are. That doesn’t mean you have to know right away, but it is important to continue to learn these things about oneself. I feel like it is important because it makes one capable of being able to understand others. When you know who you are and where you come from it is easier to be able to understand where other come from or who they are at least understand that there might be some differences between you and others. I also thinking that knowing who you are and where you come from helps to empower. I think this is because once you know more information about yourself it is easier to stand with confidence because your knowledge is so strong.

The past few weeks for me have definitely been full of learning. I think that with current campus incidents and my chicano studies class I’ve been able to grow in my knowledge of who I am and who I want to be. The CLA has class helped to boost this knowledge to by helping others and myself aware of identity. Like I said before I think when you know who you are and where you come from it is easier to be able to understand others and I’ve been able to see it from others and myself. Although, I don’t agree with others I can understand why they are saying what they are saying. Another thing from CLA that has really stuck was what one of the students of color said that diversity means everyone gets a piece of the puzzle. That was really enlightening to me because I could really connect to it especially with the current incident on campus.

This exercise has definitely helped for my Final digital Story because I feel like finding your identity is big part of college. Identity is definitely going to be a big part of my first semester of college, therefore it will be a big part of my Final Digital Story.

In my Digital Story I will first start off by talking about my High School experience. I will talk about how I went to a school where the minorities were actually the majorities. I will also talk about how I found my passion for history.

Then I am hoping to talk about why I made the choice to come to the UofM and my ideas about coming to college.

After I am hoping to talk about my first month here at the UofM and how I started to doubt if I had made the right choice. Also talk about how I began to discover that I not only needed to make a difference through the Education System, but also needed to improve the education system.

Then I hope to talk about how through my Chicano History/Culture/Identity class I have been able to discover more about my identity, history, and culture and how I hope to one day help people do the same.

A quote I am planning on using is when Ron Espiritu was talking about all the things that taking ethnic studies classes in college helped him to accomplish, he says, “Why do we have to wait until college to have these experiences”. This quote represents what I hope to accomplish in my life. To bring knowledge that otherwise would have been kept from people.

Many articles also talk about how beneficial ethnic studies are to students especially those who aren’t doing well in school.

Picture from:everydayfeminism.com

link: http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/03/white-child-ethnic-studies/

This a picture from when we had our college acceptance assembly. Every other month or so our school would gather to recognize the seniors that had been accepted to college. We would get teachers that said accepted.

Link: https://tequilasovereign.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/charging-ethnic-studies/

This picture will be part of my digital story because that is essential what I want. For all stories to be told in K-12 schools.

Donald, By Brooke. “Stanford Study Suggests Academic Benefits to Ethnic Studies Courses.” Stanford News. Stanford University, 07 Apr. 2016. Web. 18 Nov. 2016. This article is helpful because it explains one benefit of ethnic studies, which is that students who are doing poorly in school who are in ethnic studies see an increase in academics. This is helpful to see the good things that can come from ethnic studies.

Chavez, Leo R. The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, Citizens, and the Nation. Stanford, CA: Stanford UP, 2008. Print. This is the book I am currently reading in my Chicano History and Culture class. This book explains to me why people have the stereotypes they have of Latinos. It will help me in talking about how my perspective has been further informed.

Gonzalez, Juan. Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America. New York: Viking, 2000. Print. This was the first book I read in Chicano history and culture class. It helps explain the history of Latinos in the U.S. This will help me talk about the new information that this class has given me.

http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/commentary/sdut-ethnic-studies-education-students-2015sep26-story.html This is an article talking about why ethnic studies are good for schools. This will be another point I can argue about the positives of Ethnic studies.

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