How to eat to have a healthier, memorable and joyful vacation.

Navatej kumar
Nov 8, 2018 · 2 min read

I always have half the fun of vacation is the anticipation and planning. As I consider the new places I’ll explore and the relaxing places I’ll stay, keep in mind I won’t cease to be a human being with basic needs like eating, moving, and sleeping even when I break free of my typical routines.

I will always stop by the grocery store where I’m vacationing to pick up a few quick and easy breakfast items — such as fruit bowl and nonfat Greek yogurt — so you I always start the day off with protein and fiber within the first hour of waking regardless of what the rest of my day ends up looking like.

I will always follow the “two out of four” policy when dining out, picking only two of four options — starter, main course, dessert, drink — to go with my meal.

It is always a good idea to bring some high-protein or high-fiber snacks along to prevent a scarcity mindset from setting in when our meal times aren’t strictly scheduled. When I know I have a go-to supply of almonds, roasted chickpeas I can calmly remind myself that enjoying the freedom of vacation schedules and nourishing my body consistently throughout the day are not mutually exclusive.

I will be eating out a lot more than usual, so I make it a practice to step away from the table or my plate when I’m 70 percent full. I allow the conversation and the experience to occupy the last few minutes of the meal and allow my mind and stomach communicate the sense of being 100 percent satisfied.

That’s all folks