You don’t deserve your image in my head. You don’t deserve your memories in my chest : Dominos Pizza

Navatej kumar
Apr 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello Domino’s Pizza India,

Have you ever had a sloppy breakup?

Have you ever gotten mad at someone and swore up and down that you’d never come back? Told all your friends that they were scum of the earth and even sneered at them every time they walked by?

I’m here to tell you that some times all bad breakups end up in permanent misery. But in this case it did.

Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing and a bit of compromise.

I used to order frequently from Dominos Hyderabad since a few years and be PISSED off to the point where I didn’t even understand why they were even in business. They had slow and inattentive service; food was like shit, but lacked favor. It was that bad.

I thought I was through.

So I broke up with that. I didn’t look its way, I didn’t care to call. I even ignored its presence.

It was dead to me.

I thought I was over it, but it kept coming back and stayed persistent.

With a close proximity from my residence, I had no choice, but to compromise and allow it to compromise with me. After all, we had to stay cordial for the sake of face.

So, I broke down and revisited.

After a few more attempts since a few months, I’ve been dissatisfied again and again.

Pizza; not thin crusted and flavorful, chocked full of cheese and less in toppings.

“Shit, you’ve not changed,” I thought to myself… Perhaps I was a little optimistic, too forgiving. A little too soft.

Dominos Pizza, I cannot forgive you, boo. Let’s never meet again. Just don’t piss me off again or else I’ll give you the stink eye.

We started over and hatred has never been sweeter.