2017 Life Experiment

Last Year was CHEEKY!

I got broken up with, team-members quit, agreements fell through last minute and promises were broken.

Pretty lame right?

Reflecting back, it seems that at every one of these moments, there was a difference in expectations. I expected that when I gave someone my 120%, they’d give it back. I expected that when someone gave me their word, they’d keep it. I expected that when enthusiasm was shown, action would follow.

These expectations inspired me to give my all.

When I gave my all, and didn’t get as expected; I felt burnt.

Does that mean I was only giving because I was expecting to get something in return?

“Damn, you selfish bugger”, I thought to myself.

“But you’re doing it to change the world!”…..Still Not Convinced.

In a quest to go all monk mode, I’ve decided 2017 will be the year of experiment. And the Guinea Pig? Me

2017: The Year I Loved Unconditionally.

Be it a friend, more than a friend, project, team-mate, conversation, adventure or anything else that this world has to offer. Let’s just give. Let’s just be 100% unconditional.

But what does unconditional mean? Giving without expecting.

Loving openly.

If I get something back, nice! If not, that’s okay.

Pleasure in the process, I guess?

I think this experiment will be good for me. Maybe I’ll have less chains weighing me down. Maybe I’ll achieve Freedom? At the same time though, something’s telling me it’s going to sting.

Could this be the biggest shift I’ve ever had, or just a numbing gasp that dries my throat.

What do you think?