A place of encounter under permanent construction (still here, still introducing ourselves)

We identify our space as a laboratory, as well as a studio and gallery. We are a place of encounter under permanent construction. That means that what happens here is continually evolving. And as an industrial locale of 200 square meters with ceilings that reach from 7 to 9 meters in height, we’ve got room to play.

In short / for now: At Nave we are invested in generating a continual dialogue among artists who cross disciplinary boundaries. We work with artists who are well established in Mexico and beyond, in addition to artists who are just now emerging and/or in process.

We have used our space for workshops, talks, expositions, performance art, film screenings, and residencies, and we are open to your ideas, too. We believe in art as a tool for transmitting knowledge and promoting transformation that is political-economic + socio-cultural. If not, we wouldn’t be here.

PS Synesthesia is kind of our thing right now. That and other complex thinking about human sensorial experience. Because we’re artists and anthropologists at the same time.