Since my childhood I’ve been told a story about “Tariq Bin Ziyad”. I don’t remember the exact story but It was something like this.

Tariq bin Ziyad was a conquerer. He went to conquer some place but he found that the enemy is way more in numbers and his army…

Wondering what is Sift science ? have a look at there website

Wordering what is WooCommerce ? have a look at this page

Using Sift science with WooCommerce can significantly reduce charge backs but unfortunately at the time of writing this article Sift science don’t have any plugin…

I worked hard on a startup and it failed, like every other failed startup I learned my lesson, analyzed what went wrong and then I put myself into recovery mode to get ready for a new adventure. It took a lot of discussions, long walks, a ton of coffee, reading…


You Must have some knowledge of C#


This is a practical read and to get most out of it I encourage you to replicate and practice the programs on your own too. We will see how Interfaces work and why do we use them ? I would also explore Concrete…

Naveed Ahmad

MS in CS | MS in IS | Start Up Founder |Boomtown Alumni. I am always doing something in the hope that answers will follow.

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