Since my childhood I’ve been told a story about “Tariq Bin Ziyad”. I don’t remember the exact story but It was something like this.

Tariq bin Ziyad was a conquerer. He went to conquer some place but he found that the enemy is way more in numbers and his army is tired and there is no way they will win the war. So he burned his ships, when his army saw that they can’t go back they will either have to die or win the war. At this point you might have guessed what happened. Yes! he won the war.

Wondering what is Sift science ? have a look at there website

Wordering what is WooCommerce ? have a look at this page

Using Sift science with WooCommerce can significantly reduce charge backs but unfortunately at the time of writing this article Sift science don’t have any plugin for WooCommerce. This read will help you integrate Sift science with WooCommerce.

Before we start

Make sure you have installed WordPress and WooCommerce for WordPress. Also registered for an account with Sift science.

You will also need to install Code Snippets plugin for WordPress. You can get the plugin from here


I worked hard on a startup and it failed, like every other failed startup I learned my lesson, analyzed what went wrong and then I put myself into recovery mode to get ready for a new adventure. It took a lot of discussions, long walks, a ton of coffee, reading about successful people, working out at gym and some times even listening to the sad country music. Finally I made a full recovery out of it and now I have already started a new journey with a new startup. I will write about my new startup in the future.



You Must have some knowledge of C#


This is a practical read and to get most out of it I encourage you to replicate and practice the programs on your own too. We will see how Interfaces work and why do we use them ? I would also explore Concrete and Base classes. So grab your coffee, adjust your chair and clean your glasses.

A little bit of theory

As a developer I want my code to be maintainable, extensible and easily testable. Interfaces helps me achieve all this. If it is not clear enough what is an Interface ? then think of it as…

Naveed Ahmad

MS in CS | MS in IS | Start Up Founder |Boomtown Alumni. I am always doing something in the hope that answers will follow.

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