Periscope for Web (Concept)

Periscope is nothing short of a phenomenon since its launch.

The recently launched Android version has truly opened up the product for the mass market. The amount of cool broadcasts across the world have been growing everyday.

In the last couple of weeks , I watched a private plane guide trip across Miami, Live concert by YACHT , Street tours in Italy and many other cool and informative broadcasts.

Though Periscope is all about mobile, I watched almost all of the Periscope video broadcasts on a web browser. Switching between desktop and mobile is an inconvenience many a times. The reason why Whatsapp Web , Pushbullet and other mobile connected desktop clients are very well received.

I designed the Periscope for Apple watch’ concept earlier to portray how the Apple Watch app can offer Mobility to Periscope.

With ‘Periscope for Web’, the focus is to offer Convenience.


A Whatsapp like QR code authentication for a Browser - Phone handshake.

When authenticated, the user gets to access the Periscope web features like

  1. Watch a broadcast.
  2. Comment.
  3. Heart a Periscope broadcast.

Haven’t included any content discovery features for now, all signed in users should be able to access the above features by launching the direct link of a Periscope broadcast via Twitter or other channels.

‘Open broadcast on Web’ is a potential feature for the mobile app to transitioning from the small screen to a big screen. This can facilitate a better viewing experience for the viewer.

Have left most of the current layout as it is for familiarity and just added the feature components on top of it.

The ‘Share link via text’ is an option for a browser first non-user to get the link to the mobile apps easily.

The expanded Periscope profile view will show just the essential metrics.

Default tile layout to an expand layout.


Commenting is an essential feature for the Periscope Web. A pop up dialog for quick comments and participating in the broadcast.

Comment dialog box transition.


Gamification of Hearts

Periscope has a lot of potential to make audience participation fun and interactive through ‘Hearts’.

I call this interaction, The ‘Bubble Burst’.

Press and hold the Heart button or Spacebar on the Web to create a ‘Heart bubble’. The bubble then explodes and showers the broadcaster with a burst of viewer hearts.

This interaction should take a longer time to happen than the normal tap to heart method.

A Bubbles per broadcast limit can make the timing of the bubble usage fun.



Will share some of the other ‘Heart Interactions’ I have in mind later.

Interaction walkthrough

These are some thoughts and ideas about the Periscope for Web concept.

Do share your thoughts about the concept and the designs.

- @naveenaly

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