The Ultimate way to Life

Beware, after reading this, you will see everything differently.

So LIFE! Happy Life!! Successful Life!!!

Aren’t you happy?


Trying to do something but at the end of the day realizing that you haven’t even started yet or procrastination is eating you up.

Aren’t you the one who wastes most of his time thinking what he has lost in the past or was unable to do a thing.

Are you thinking “Wouldn’t it would have been great if I had been ready for this from the past” or “I hope that those valuable moments in the past would come again.”

I have the solution!!

I have the ultimate solution for this!!!

Before telling it I want to tell how I got that idea.

In my high school and intermediate, I was academically-good student. But, I was only focused on my academic performance and was very proud of it. Every teacher praised me and made commitment about my promising future.

But on the other hand, when it comes to extra-curricular activities or learning something interesting or creative or innovative, I was like “What is the need of that?” I stopped playing sports too claiming it as a wastage of time and needless. Now I am in an engineering college pursuing my bachelor degree and often regret those decisions.

As I am a big fan of sci-fi movies, sometimes I tend to believe that maybe someday I would find something or have some deja vu and I will travel back in time and make everything and every moment right.

Wouldn’t it be great? I would jump in the air and punch the fist in the air. Really, I nailed it. Didn’t I?

Gosh!! It is still a fantasy.

Let me tell you one thing clearly, each men on this plane regrets the moments that he has lost in his life. Some regret less while some regret every moment. But everyone do. Believe me! There is nothing like time travel. Even the scientists believe that we can travel to future but none of them claim to time travel to the past.

One day, I was sitting lonely and just thinking about my time travelling fantasy. Suddenly, I was struck by an idea!



What if the things that we are doing or will do in the future has already happened.

Silence!!!! Just think!!!!!

I am trying to say that there is a small possibility that everything is already happened and we are given another chance by GOD to make the things that we regret in the future correct.

Suddenly everything changed.

I was seeing everything differently and twice.

So, I have started thinking like this and you should try this too……..

Close your eyes, free you mind, go deep, deeper.

Now I am thinking that I am 20 years more older than my current age. I am sitting in my room. The room is dirty and not taken care of. I look at myself. My face is dull. My eyes are tired. No personality. Pitiable condition. I am very sad cause I have failed. I have failed for my whole life. I am now unsuccessful, sad, pitiable, dull man. And soon I realize that I have no friends to console me. I walk out of my room and find no place for myself in the world and again shut the door and sit on the chair hoping for some miracle or deja vu so that I can travel back in the time and make everything correct and in my way by doing hard work, killing the procrastination and wasting no time. I could have learnt guitar or violin in my high school. I could have played football or cricket and may be represented the state or the country. Oh Jeez!! I was good at it. There are truckload of things that could have been possible but the only thing that I had done is wasted my time just thinking of fantasy, day-dreaming, hoping for doing it the next hour or next day or next month and it went on for the whole life. I might have been a champion or the king of the seven realms. Truly! I could have been this totally amazing other guy.

Oh my God!! Please take me back to that time. Just one last chance.

And suddenly God appears and say,”Go son. You got another chance. Last chance.”

And suddenly everything went dark and you were lost and then found yourself sitting on a chair with your eyes closed.

Now, slowly open your eyes.

How are you feeling?

Relaxed! Energetic!! Ready!!!

Just be quite for 20 seconds.


Now do a celebration you like with full energy whatever the situations are.


Congratulations!! You got another chance! Voila!!

Make everything right. Do the hardwork. Do whatever you want. Nobody can come into your way. Enjoy your life. Learn, implement, innovate, contribute to the world. Earn money. Earn name and fame and everything in this world. You got another chance. You got 20 bonus years. Start today. Start from this moment only.

Go!! Learn, innovate, implement, contribute!!!


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