The most interesting character in Game of Thrones

Rhaegar Targaryen
  • A man who was exceptionally intelligent and creative
  • A man who could reduce women to tears with his songs
  • A bookish child who later became a fierce warrior because he was motivated to pick up arms by something he read in a book!
  • A man who ultimately loved his harp more than his sword
  • A man who also ultimately loved another woman more than his wife.
  • A man who is usually very quiet and introverted, but brought about the doom of the Targaryen dynasty by his grandiose and outlandish expression of love to Lyanna Stark in the tourney.

A man who is described as different things by different people.
A brutish and cold monster? A loving prince? A skilled warrior? An exceptional musician? Rapist and killer? Lover and protector?

I think the most interesting character in the song of ice and fire is long dead by the time the series starts. Rhaegar Targaryen is an enigma.

I would love to know what goes on in the mind of someone like him and what he actually is like.

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