A vegetarian’s excuse

Okay … I’ll be honest. I am a vegetarian but NOT because of religious or moral/ethical reasons.

I don’t do 90% of the things religion asks me to do and if I had my way, I wouldn't do the rest 10% either.

Similarly let us just say my moral compass doesn't point exactly to the north. I am not a vegetarian because killing is bad or something like that. Hey mosquitoes have lives too. Little lives filled with fun, joy, flying and blood sucking. But I would lead a genocide against those monsters any given day.

So why am I a vegetarian? Its just something I would like to call a ‘cultural gap’. I am just not used to it. Simple as that. I was raised in a strictly vegetarian household and hence non vegetarian dishes just don’t feel like food to me.

The moment I see a piece of flesh wrapped around a bone on a plate, the first thing that comes to my mind is “OMG What the hell is that get it out of the plate wtf” and not “Wow … looks delicious

It simply grosses me out. I know it’s not wrong. We are at the top of the food chain, great predators and all, but really the thought of eating something which might have actual blood and flesh in it feels ‘yuck’ but not ‘yummy’ because I am simply not used to it.

Non-vegetarians face this all the time too. Not all of them can gobble up a frog, lizard or an Octopus. Just because you are not used to it. You were not raised witnessing octopus eating every other day. I heard cockroaches are a great delicacy. Let me see you eat a jar of cockroaches.

Hey if you don’t taste it, how would you know?

Let me see you eat that slimy tentacles of a gorgeous octopus. “Eeeewwww .. Right?” Well that’s how vegetarians feel about chicken, beef, pork etc.

Everyone has a ‘Eww’ meter and it’s just that our Eww meter is a little lower than your Eww meter. You know whats not eww at all? Paneer. Just tiny little white, spongy, cushiony blocks of love, waiting to be bitten into. You look at a block of Paneer and you know that’s something sent from heaven to be eaten. The bony leg of a flightless feathered bird? Not so much.

And what’s the deal with Cannibalism? Why can’t people eat other people? This is not for the safe non-vegetarians out there with relatively low ‘eww’ meters but those who can eat anything. I mean humans clearly look more eatable than cockroaches and lizards if you ask me. Humans clearly are more cute.

Cute = eatable.

If I ever turn non-vegetarian, I would eat the cute animals first. Rabbits … Rabbits are cute. Just fluffy round little balls of food. If I had to bite any animal, I would bite a rabbit. Who wouldn't?

Anyway, so yes … Some Indians dislike non-vegetarian food because we are just not used to it. It feels weird and sometimes wrong because of the way we are conditioned. We don’t care how tasty it is and may be worms and bugs taste even better too.

We just don’t want to know.

This was originally a Quora answer

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