Cost of these 17 Days

There are few things which you can’t evaluate from the monetary terms.

The loss that happened in last 17 days is something which cannot be earned back in the Lifetime because i missed out on connecting with some great people and some best of the world experiences.

  1. Missed Graphy Sessions from the top-notch Creators in their respective field and one important thing is, I wanted Ankur Warikoo to be the mentor of my Startup and i missed out on it. Missed out on connecting with people like Barkha Singh, Ayush Mehra, Guarav Taneja, Diipa Khosla and last day event at Graphy. This was once in a lifetime opportunity and it has been received by someone who is not even deserving for all this, ME. I wish, I could’ve utilised it well and wish family would have understood it better what I’m sacrificing to stay with them.
  2. I was totally out of the Company(iProledge) and did nothing in it due to this family emergency but the worst part is our shop was almost open and there was no compromise in my dad’s business which was already successfully running where my business is just a seed and there was no revenue coming from it. By this, I got to realise one thing for sure. If i die tomorrow in the morning, my funeral will be done in the night itself but still shop will be open in their regular times without a miss, Just not that, there will be no compromise in business and the deliveries at any cost. “WORK ETHIC
  3. Nothing was working out in company, hell lot of mistakes were happening, few Educators who believed in our idea left us as there was nothing concrete which they were able to see(We failed in delivering something we promised to them). I don’t come from a family who is Cash-rich and to run a company we do need a good amount of cash, but atleast i should be able to bring my expertise which could compensate me for not bringing in the amount of cash which needs to be brought in.
  4. IIM Bengaluru Orientation Sessions were something which i couldn’t miss out on at all, It was a dream come true moment. Getting connected with some great people and knowing about the whole Launchpad program was something which no person in this world should not be missing out for what it’s worth. Even this Launchpad program early days were being missed out by me.
  5. My health, my lifestyle, my commitments towards my clients. All these were on an absolute break. Every minute is counting on me and if i don’t become successful by what I’m doing now, there will be one more thing said by almost everyone, See, I said it to you first only right that all these things will not work out, simply get a job and that defines as a success.

After all this, for whatever has happened if someone would have understood at what cost I’m staying at home and what losses I’m incurring, it would be worth it.

And for what it’s worth, if parents could change their lifestyle and concentrate more on their health and get to know what their son is doing and make their business more efficient and automated by taking out a stress from the business and give some time to their own childrens. It would save some cost for me atleast in the future.

— Anushku

A tiny mind with millions of thoughts, Person who thinks intellectually and philosophically but still wouldn't miss out on that childishness.