How to Stand Out On Google Play Store listing

The count of applications available in app stores is growing each month. With over 45k (approx) apps launched on the various app stores each month, startups must realize that it’s not just enough to build it. App should be competitive enough to get installed first and survive later. App UX design must translate to an experience that is smooth from the very start.

Study shows that 90 percent of all downloaded apps are used once and then eventually deleted by users. And it all happened within 1 day. Apps get un-installed so quickly that they don’t have chance to exhibit their core features

App store listing

App Store Listing

Journey begins when users start searching for app. Search Queries in Google Play Store are the most common way users find relevant android apps. Either he knows the exact name or he randomly searches keyword. App listing screen plays pivotal role to select intended application. Users search the keyword and your app listed on results it has high chances of download. To materialize those chances, focus on available aspects of listing. For users, listing has 3 fields to consider 1) App Logo 2) App title 3) Ratings.

App Icon

In list item it takes 50% focus. It’s the first point where user interact with your brand and hence app. App logo should be explanatory enough to interpret the idea of product and its service. In the list of hundreds of app your app should be stand out enough to get installed.

Sometimes it’s better to research about prospective users. Know your audience how they perceive the product. What clicks them whenever they are in need of that product. And app icon is a great point to attract users.

In RailYatri We have tried two app icons, one with logo and other with real image and found latter is most successful. We have tested with 50 users on NDLS platform. Majority are long distance traveler and once in a quarter they travel. When we show app listing to them and asked series of questions and final question was ‘If you are looking for any information around train where you tap’. Real train app icon was the winner. It actually raised our downloads by 20%. So initially when app is not popular its better to experiment with app icon and keep it closer to users’ expectations.

App Title

While creating your title, try not to think like an app owner but a user. Make sure the title represents the main message and brand name of your app. Since the search ranking algorithm of Google Play Store handles the app title as important metadata, you should make sure, it contains one to three of the most relevant keywords.

Google provides only 30 characters (spaces included) for the app title, with the words used in the app title carrying more weight than either short or long description fields (which have 80 and 4,000 characters respectively).

Not only are the words used in the Google Play app title important for indexing, the App Title also tells the user in a few seconds what you app does. Good title are those which makes good use of the 30 characters


App rating is also very important factor influencing its ranking in the Google Play lists and search results. It’s also one of the key metrics that the editorial staff looks for when curating apps and games. Maintaining an app rating average above 4.0 out of 5 is mission critical.

The rating of your app is directly related to the search ranking of your app. If your app has a 5-star user rating then you stand a higher chance of being shown in the search result when a user searches for a particular category of app in which your app falls.


So that is how to stand out your app in Google Play store. Obviously, there is a lot of other tips which I missed :)

But use this post as a step to be sure you have done the best you can, at this point in time. Then test your work and learn how to make it better on your next update!

Anything to add on? I would love to hear about it in the comments!