because failure is the biggest turning point of our life. Failure is the biggest point of learning, Failure is the startup of new journey in your life according to me failure is not gives you the way of success infact failure gives you the way of learning, through the success you can accomplish only one destination of your life but through the failure you can accomplish so many destination of your life which you made early or later, when you get success in your life you achieve only one goal of your life you spent your whole life in only one goal. but through the failure you can achieve so many goals of your life.the real definition of failure is that unstoppable success that's why I need more failure .


Solution Is There Where Is Problem.!!

naveenmandhan ™

what goes around comes around

What is life ?

Forget what hurts you but never forget what it taught you.. #copied

first impression is the last impression

naveenmandhan ™

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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