— Our Meta-launch

We have broken through 50 %. This has been a crazy ride for the entire team, a whirlwind of excitement, hard work, sleepless nights and listening to our crowd.

Before every rocket launch, NASA ( and more recently SpaceX) do a multitude of checks and double checks to ensure Launch is a Success.

Crowdraising is the culmination of our efforts , our blood sweat and tears. We took inspiration from this Ultimate Product Launch checklist to make sure we had all our bases covered. Here is our version.

It has come in handy and given the team a common place where we can see what we need to do. Everyone is grinding out on their responsibilities including our lovely crowd.

We had daily and weekly targets to hit and were religiously monitoring them. Given the small team and the high friction, high cost act that we are asking of our pledgers, we are overwhelmed to see the response we are getting.

Lessons we learned from these two weeks have been valuable:

  • We iterated on the look and feel of the website based on our pledgers (real customer feedback). This bolsters our belief in our mission and shows our integrity to our pledgers.
  • Focussed our messaging to the core feature.
  • Worked to get excellent launch partners that we are immensely proud of.

The next two weeks will be even more exciting with more partners, more people pledging their time and lots more news. Stay tuned for insights from our 30 day meta campaign.

Check out and pledge time, not money.

Redefine work.

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