Updates in Google AdWords via Introduce of PPC features

Another year has ended. Alike every year the year will be remembered for some huge and unexpected changes some awesome and delighting new PPC features and always welcome the change to both Google AdWords and Bing Ads Platforms. But some new and updated PPC features stuck out more than the rest of the year. Further you will be cleared in Unicorns and Donkeys. SEO Services Singapore has decided to apply them with the raised days and year ahead.

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1. Time to say goodbye to right side ads: In the beginning of the year Google killed off right side text ads bringing SERPs more than in line with Google mobile experience. And in addition Google added fourth and spot above organic search results for highly commercial queries. The shock was more to every PPC marketer. When people found out and discovered they are now living in a world in which desktop search results didn’t have text ads and thinking PPC has not remanded the same. And on the based data most paid clicks came from the top remained unchanged.

2. Changes in AdWords: After the Google announcement of losing the right side ads, the AdWOrds were expanded to Text ads. One of the changes to the text ads since AdWords launched 15years ago. Designed with today’s Mobile world first Expanded Text ads are twice the sizes of the text ads. For now we have two 30 character headlines and one 80 character description line.

3. Expanded Ads of Bing: Unlike Google the effort to keep pace with AdWords Bing Ads alos introduced Expanded Text Ads. However unlike Google, it seems Bing won’t be retiring standard text ads. ETAs are pretty much similar in Google and Bing with same identical and same character limits and formatting. You can create ETAs within Bing Ads Platform or import your existing ETAs from Google AdWords.

4. Google Performance with exciting new features: In addition to Google Expanded Text Ads Local Search ads, Responsive Display Ads and In Store Conversion Measurement. All the three have different functions to add on. New Local Search Ads several new maps ad format and features has been designed to drive the most foot traffic to business including promoted pins, in store promotions, customizable business pages and local inventory search. Responsive Display Ads-with new type of ad you Provide URL, headline, description and image. The ads adapt to content of the websites and they are on and on the apps. Better in store conversion measurement its new type for many businesses that gained access to the feature that year.

5. Interface to new AdWords: Talking of the AdWords performance summit something notable happened. Preview which we got of the new Ads interface which rolled out further design can be seen this year. The interface is sleeker but still pretty familiar. Nothing changed how AdWords works, all the changes were aimed smartly reorganizing the AdWords features and functions.

As 2016 was heck of year. SEO Singapore is here to keep you and your business updated and tuned to any change in PPC.