Inexplicable pain!

When we complain everyday about all the superficial things thinking it is the biggest problem in the world. We often tend to forget the magnitude of the pain that someone is going through. It is situations like this* which make us pause for a second and retrospect, are our problem which we often complain are they really a problem? It’s just a speck on a canvas, when you compare to that of others, and I don’t think my naive brain can even comprehend the pain and trepidations that others are going through. It makes us think how shallow our problems are, and how shallow our view of life is.

I can’t even think of train of agonizing emotions that might be going through his mind. Just 12 hours back everything was so perfect, we joked, we laughed, we pulled each other’s leg, we ate a sumptuous meal, now eating even a bite of bread seems too hard. Everything changed in a blink of an eye. A carefree 24 year old guy is suddenly laden with the weight of the entire family.

I know we can’t do anything now, that’s the way of life. But all I wish for is the strength for him to strive through this hardship.

So cherish every second you get to be with your parents, family and friends. You never know what's going to happen.

And life is too short to hold grudges.
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