Colors & Personality

There are as many shades of colors as are distinct human personalities. We human beings have some basic attributes like anger, love, honesty etc. These are common in all human beings. But the proportion of these attributes is varying in every personality, and this proportion decides the nature or personality of the person. Just as, when we mix the three basic colors Red, Yellow, and Blue in particular proportions new colors come into existence. This is the nature of the cosmos.

According to Physics, a body appears red when it absorbs all the colors but only reflects red i.e. all the qualities are held back by the body but only one quality is reflected. Something appears black because it absorbs all the colors. Nothing is reflected back. What we reflect shows our personality i.e. what we are. People know you by what you reflect them. We should be like the color white i.e. reflects maximum qualities.

In the corporate sector, a positive or negative word of mouth for a particular company spreads just because it reflects those qualities. Your reflection is extremely important. The reflection should be true. We can’t make a stable reflection in a second. Sometimes people/companies tend to display something positive for some time. They can make this possible successfully for some time only. But because this is not in their practice or personality they can’t do it successfully for a long term. They may be exposed after some time. For example, a few years back so many multilevel marketing companies like Speak Asia etc closed down just because they pretended to be good. They projected profitability to shareholders but actually, they were not and were finally exposed. People generally tell lies in their interviews but most of the time they get caught. You can’t fool people for a long time.

In Mahabharata, The Shakuni, the shrewdest character, always pretends something else. In the whole epic, he was just into the acting of the well-wisher of Kauravas. He was successfully making fools all of them but not Krishna. His all plans were always exposed in front of Krishna because Krishna was a genius. And at the end, everybody knew how the end of Shakuni was.

Acting is not permanent. We can reflect only that with conviction which we actually practice in our daily life. I.e. what we actually are.

The type of reflection which you want I.e. positive/negative will only come with the practice. If we want our company’s word of mouth should be like this or that OR our image should be like this or that then we must behave like that and try to indulge the qualities in our self so that we can successfully maintain a positive reflection for a long time. Otherwise, it will remain a short time act only. That doesn’t make sense.

Now, what should we do? We have to just stop acting & starts implementing. To be able to reflect a positive persona truthfully- we should indulge in positive practices continuously so that they become our true reflection. True colors only reflect when all the unwanted/not required things/practices are disappearing inside the body and only the required goes outside like the law of reflection in physics.

All the Best.