ProductHunt is the new Techcrunch!!

A few weeks back, we announced our new feature “Session Replay” to the public and it was very well received by the customers. We wanted to reach out to more customers and tell our story on why we built an All-in-One CRO tool and how SessionReplay will be a great value add to the tool.

We decided to post it on ProductHunt and got a slot to announce the new feature. The launch day dawned — up-votes started flowing in, the traffic went through the roof as we were sitting in #1 in Tech category for almost 15 hours.

Few existing customers, showed their love on Zarget in ProductHunt,

Few interesting discussions on how are we different from our competitors,

And a comment from an employee who works at the competitor and wanted to pull our leg ;)

Overall, it was a great launch with 800+ up-votes with more than 50 comments.. Thousands of visitors came to our website and checked out various features that we offer.. Thanks to our Session Replay — as we were able to watch and replay how the visitors use our website, what they are looking for and experience it ourselves :)

Every week, ProductHunt team posts a curated collection of their favorite products on ProductHunt.. And this week Zarget’s Session Replay is part of it :)

A big thanks to Kevin William David for hunting us. The launch in ProductHunt gave our team a morale boost, as we were all blown away by the level of engagement and enthusiasm the people showed on us. It really makes a difference and all this love and attention makes me compare ProductHunt to Techcrunch :)

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