Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Explosive growth for digital products is a result of good product-market fit. The problem is, it’s easy to cheat early-stage growth with advertising spend that can be insanely expensive in the long run. Ryan Holiday gives us a solution in The Growth Hacker Marketing framework, which helps identify product-market fit and build a self-perpetuating marketing machine. This is my interpretation of it and a step by step guide on how to use it.


The Growth Hacker Marketing framework consists of 3 steps, which when repeated, brings us closer and closer to building the self-perpetuating marketing machine. These steps are;

  1. Developing…

A Critical Look into the Most Important But Deficient Skill in the 21st Century


If you have been reading my work, it’s probably because you care about the topics I write about. You read because you believe I may have some important insights from my domain of expertise (Technology), that you could benefit from. I do not possess a degree in English or Mass Communication, nor do I consider communication to be my primary know-how. But I am able to provide value through my writings because communication is a critical and complementary skill to my domain expertise. Most domain experts…

and the 13 Reasons Why


I’ve been seeing a lot of arguments in my social feeds recently about which software stack is the best. These arguments usually revolve around performance, ease of use and community backing for a specific stack. It is important to point out that there is no such thing as a perfect technology stack, and it varies from person to person, with personal taste and preference being the key deciding factor. I decided to share what I’ve been using for the past two years, with the reason why I picked what I picked.


Over the last two years, I’ve been running RedSquare…

Understanding the key components that drive the service marketplace.

People tend to go all in into a business, often times not fully understanding the mechanism that govern the marketplace. In this article, I want to explore the dynamics of starting a service based business. It is often said that people don’t buy drills because they need a drill. People buy drills because they need a hole in the wall. I thought I’d use this fictional example of a Holes-as-a-Service(HaaS) company to help illustrate this idea better.

Cost of Starting Up

The most underrated part of any new business is the cost of starting up. Fresh business tend to underestimate this cost because they…

Perspective on disruptive ideas, and where to go next.


At RedSquare, we often get many requests to build digital products for “startup” founders. Most times we don’t end up taking the project because they approach us with no funding and no validation. Repeatedly, they come to us thinking their ideas is so valuable that the only thing standing between them and a billion dollar valuation is an app or website(items which they don’t have the skills to do, and no funding to outsource). This is bullshit. There are a lot of work to do before you can find an ideal customer.

The reality is that for most businesses, the…

A Reflection on Product Teams & Lessons Looking Forward


One of the hardest things about building a startup is building a product team. Upon raising hundreds of thousands of Ringgit, startups especially in Malaysia find it hard to find product-market fit. This is essentially caused by underestimating the importance of skillsets required in product team, as well as greatly overestimating the ability to execute Lean Startup techniques. In this week’s writing, I wanted to share an epiphany I had while deciding the direction of my company. I’d first like to define the term “Product Team” as;

A cross-discipline team of…

And why the Abang selling burger downstairs is a better businessman than you

So, I thought of ending my first year as a business owner building products for startups by writing something controversial. This is my first year ever getting access to the inner workings of multiple startups while getting close to the community at large. While I’ve met, spoken to and worked with some that are absolutely amazing, most founders have a behaviour that can be described as arrogant at best, and pure idiocy at worst.

So let’s build a hypothetical, generic, model of Malaysian wannabe startup founder, and see if I can convince them that a man selling burger is a…

I recently started teaching as a guest lecturer, and engaging a lot more with the student community in Multimedia University(MMU). MMU used to be a place which produced large numbers of talented software developers with a lot of its students winning national competitions and building great businesses. But things recently changed, with students doing nothing other than memorising facts. This doesn’t feel like an exclusively MMU problem, nor does it feel like an exclusively tech problem. The MalayMail reported that a staggering 95% of university graduates work in unskilled jobs. In other words, they are underemployed as they lack the…

With every tech startup founder I’ve spoken to in the last 3 months, there seems to be a unanimous concession that the most recent fresh graduate/intern batch of software developers are the worst ever.
This happening in a time where the cost of going to universities is at its highest, with lecturers and admin staff paid the highest with the least amount of industrial experience.
If there has ever been an inflection point in the history of formal education to question its value, now is the time.

The problem isn’t that there are not many good jobs as software developers…

We’re living in a time where founding a startup has been easier than ever, with open source technologies dramatically lowering down the cost of digital product development and with access to capital being abundant. However, it is easy to underestimate the ability and the cost of tech team to create and maintain a digital product, leading to over expectation and frustration of stake holders. …

Naven Prasad

Co-Founder, CEO @ RedSquare. Strong opinions, loosely held.

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