Introducing NAVI Liquidity Xplorer

NAVI Protocol
3 min readAug 1, 2023

NAVI Protocol is thrilled to unveil “Liquidity Xplorer” — an exclusive liquidity incentive program hosted on SUI, designed to boost earnings on depositing to $USDC and $SUI pool!

🍀 Amplify Yield Potential: “Liquidity Xplorer” rewards $USDC and $SUI depositors with an enticing rewards pool, offering high-yield opportunities to maximize earnings

🍀 Improve Capital Efficiency: Dive into seamless lending and borrowing with our user-friendly platform, allowing you to optimize your DeFi strategy and maximize your earnings. Deposit SUI or USDC into the pool and earn rewards based on your deposit’s duration

🍀 Claim Rewards upon withdrawal: boosted rewards are redeemed upon withdrawal, ensuring you get the most out of your liquidity and earning potential

🍀 User Base Milestone: Celebrating 500K users! Join a vibrant DeFi community and be part of our growing success

$USDC & $SUI incentive pool is up. 🪙

  • $USDC APY 100.58%
  • $SUI APY 617.48%

Connect Wallet to NAVI Protocol to check it out:

User Guide

  1. Connect Wallet

2. Supply $USDC or $SUI

3. After completing the supply, the rewards will automatically be accrued in the background

4. When inputting the withdrawal amount, you will be able to see the accrued rewards.

5. You will get the incentive rewards once withdrawal

6. Check the total supply in “Market”

Please notice:

1. You need to connect your wallet to see the current APY and the rewards will be automatically distributed upon withdrawal.

2. We are improving the rewards incentive experience in the meantime to provide s more smoothening experience.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and insights! Join our dynamic DeFi community on our official channels to follow the latest news, and embark on an extraordinary DeFi journey with NAVI Liquidity Xplorer!

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