So I’m dealing with a dislocated knee cap which means you get a lot of time in bed and literally doing nothing. I was thinking about all the things I’ve been dealing with at work for the past few months and it comes down to KISS.Now we all say we’re fans of simplicity and all that jazz but it’s really hard to stick to it. Being in tech, there are always thing to allure you. Elegant solutions and pieces of code with great promises. They seem to do some real magic and we try to fit them in. Some play nicely with the mix while the others don’t.So if I wanted to come up with a single piece of advice to myself, it would be this: “Keep it simple, stupid”. I could give you lots of examples for this. A few would be:

  • Just use pure syslog for logging (My personal favorite is rsyslog because of its simplicity and flexibility) If you are generating too much of application logs, you probably want to look at something like Kafka.
  • Use a single tool for any usage when possible. This will come at a price at times but totally worth it once you start using it heavily. An example would be sticking to a single Linux distribution rather than a few.
  • Stick to the mainstream unless you have a very good reason not to. Now I personally chose Ansible for configuration management which is absolutely awesome. It just happened that later on we needed to use Ansible Tower for our deployment pipeline. If I had only known how much of pain that would cause me, I’d have gone with something like Chef or even Puppet.

So when you come across some cool technology, here’s the first thing you’d want to ask. Does this make thing simpler or more complicated? If the answer is more complicated, make sure you have enough of reasons to use that technology rather than just ignoring it. It could save you from a lot of heartache.