How expensive is it to ship buggy software?

When comparing the better tested / spec’d deploy vs the “screw it, just deploy”, many have found reasons to go for the latter.

We see a lot more buggy software out there as users as well. Why does so much buggy code get into production?

Maybe if we knew how expensive it was to ship buggy software, we’d do less of it?

Here are some not so obvious costs

  • Opportunity cost of all the new customers we failed for
  • Reactionary coding for putting up patches which produce horrible code
  • The cost of panic in the entire company
  • Wasted sales and marketing dollars driving to a broken product
  • Waste of time in putting up tickets, responding and closing tickets
  • Making current customers doubt your reliability
  • Waste of time in scrums
  • Clogging up customer service
  • Clogging up QA department
So how much is that worth to you?