How Much Should It Cost to Make a Demo Video for Your App?

Placeit works as a professional App Demo Video Maker that allows you to highlight your app’s features and present it within an engaging storyline. However, with so many resources and tutorials out there, it seems like setting off for a DIY project is also a great idea. We put together a few examples in which people decided to create a demo video for their apps. We tell you how much time and money was spent producing these app demo videos and show you the final output so you can compare these options and choose wether to go the DIY path or not.


One week before the EasyBeats3 app launched on Apple App Store, this guy decided to produce his own app demo video. The project took 3 days and he used $718 worth of software and equipment. After walking around town with a GoPro attached to a helmet and almost killing his 11" Macbook Air editing the 2.7k video with After Effects, the EasyBeats 3 finally had a demo video.

Take a look at the final output:

Here is the complete story on the making of this video.

The final video is 2:15 min long and it features a man using the app in different scenarios. It includes music, which was recorded while using the app, and a couple of titles. Though it explores some of the app’s features, the iPhone’s screen looks dark and it’s not close enough to provide details. kind of blurry.


The production of the Beatwave app was a complicated process, but it brought a pretty decent result. First, the iOS app was recorded using AirPlay Mirroring with Reflector ($14.99 or 7 day free trial). To create the iPhone that carries the screen recording, the Element 3D plugin ($37) had to be bought online and for the making of this video, the author also downloaded a chroma keyed hand from YouTube to animate the hand interactions on After Effects.

This is the final product:

Here is the complete story on the making of this video.

This is a 1 min video that includes music and shows the iPhone floating in portrait position over a blue backdrop while an animated image of a hand interacts with the app’s features. The author doesn’t mention exactly how much time he spent creating this video but considering it requires several steps we can guess it took at least a couple of hours.


This is a demo video of the Snap Task iOS app. The app demo video presents a screencast of the app including Voice Over, text titles and music from Garage Band, there is no hand interaction. The Snap Task video was created by recording the app on iOS Simulator, recording it with Quicktime, animating images on Keynote, adding screenshots, music and background images and stitching it all together with iMovie.

Take a look at the end result:

Here is the complete story on the making of this video.

The production of this 2 min video was $65, it requires a Mac and it took 5–7 days for the final version to be completed.


On the other side, you can leave do it yourself projects for arts and crafts and make sure your new app has a proper showcase. Placeit’s App Demo Video Maker tool will save you the hassle and allow you to create a professional demo video for your app the easy way.

Here’s how the final output will look:

And the best thing is that creating a professional video like this with App Demo Video Templates only took between 2–3 minutes! It can be free if you choose the 640x360 size, and if you prefer the large version of 1280x720 it only costs $99. Besides, with Placeit you will be able to export your video to YouTube with a single click and get access to editing options and +150k free music tracks.

Go ahead and choose between the 140+ App Demo Video Templates Placeit has available, pick the scenario that provides the perfect context to your app and create your app demo video right away!