Enterprise class Management features in Sun Sparc T5–2 server

The SPARC T5–2 server is part of Oracle’s powerful and efficient SPARC-based server family. the SPARC T5–2 server provides high compute density with up to 32 cores and 1 TB of system memory all within a 3U enclosure.

Based on processors which share the same core, the SPARC-based server family provides seamless scalability from 1 to 32 processors and is designed for mission-critical applications in mind.

The sun Sparc T5–2 server has a wealth of sophisticated tools that let organizations develop and tune applications as they consolidate and manage workloads while effectively using the resources of the SPARC T5 processor.

The Sun Sparc T5–2 server has full-function server management tools at no additional cost such as Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager:

The Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM) service processor is provided in Sun Sparc T5–2 server and acts as a system controller, facilitating remote management and administration of the SPARC T5–2 server.

Manages inventory and environmental controls for the server, including CPUs, DIMMs, and power supplies, and provides HTTPS, CLI, and SNMP access to this data.

Implements an IPMI 2.0–compliant service processor, providing IPMI management functions to the server’s firmware, OS, and applications.

Provides a means to download upgrades for all system firmware.

Supplies remote textual console interfaces.

The Oracle ILOM service processor also allows the administrator to remotely manage the server without interfering with any system activity.

Oracle ILOM monitors the server conditions like CPU temperature conditions, Hard drive presence, Enclosure thermal conditions, Fan speed and status, Power supply status, Voltage conditions, Oracle Solaris Predictive Self Healing, boot time-outs, and automatic server restart events

The SPARC T5 processor incorporates unique power management features at both the core and memory levels of the processor.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center:

OracleEnterprise Manager Ops Center delivers a converged hardware management solution for SPARC T5 -2servers .

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center simplifies infrastructure management ,reduces complexity and streamline the infrastructure management.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center enables data center administrators to monitor and manage the storage, network, servers, Oracle Solaris, and virtualized environments from a single interface. This improves operational efficiency and lowers operational costs.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center can manage the components in SPARC T5 -2 servers using asset discovery, provisioning of firmware and operating systems, automated patch management, patch and configuration management, virtualization management, and comprehensive compliance reporting.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center helps to implement and enforce data center standardization and best practices, regulatory compliance, and security policies while efficiently deploying infrastructure to meet business requirements.

This leads to unprecedented simplicity in the deployment of all enterprise workloads, enabling reduction of business risk, delivering savings in management costs, and unlocking flexibility to grow the business to any scale, while maximizing reliability and uptime.

Advanced lifecycle management simplifies developing, deploying, and maintaining applications with security and verified compliance

The SPARC T5–2 server helps lower TCO by offering virtualization, security, and management technologies at no additional cost.

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