What are the diagnostic tools to monitor server status and troubleshoot faults in the Sun Sparc T4–4 server?

The SPARC T4–4 is the most powerful server with two or four-socket supports SPARC T4 processor in a compact 5 RU design.

It is an optimal server platform for Oracle database with enterprise reliability, availability and security along with outstanding single thread performance.

The Oracle ILOM firmware enables the user to remotely run diagnostics, such as POST, that would otherwise require physical proximity to the server’s serial port.

The user can also configure Oracle ILOM to send email alerts of hardware failures,

LEDs — Provide a quick visual notification of the status of the server and of some of the FRUs.

Integrated Lights Out Manager — The Oracle ILOM firmware runs on the SP.

In addition to providing the interface between the hardware and OS, Oracle ILOM also tracks and reports the health of key server components.

Oracle ILOM works closely with POST and Oracle Solaris Predictive Self-Healing technology to keep the system running even when there is a faulty component.

Power-on self-test — POST performs diagnostics on system components upon system reset to ensure the integrity of those components.

POST is configureable and works with Oracle ILOM to take faulty components offline if needed.

Oracle Solaris OS Predictive Self-Healing — The PSH technology continuously monitors the health of the CPU, memory and other components, and works with Oracle ILOM to take a faulty component offline if needed.

The PSH technology enables systems to accurately predict component failures and mitigate many serious problems before they occur.

Log files and command interface — Provide the standard Oracle Solaris OS log files and investigative commands that can be accessed and displayed on the device of your choice.

Oracle VTS — An application that exercises the system, provides hardware validation, and discloses possible faulty components with recommendations for repair.

The LEDs, Oracle ILOM, PSH, and many of the log files and console messages are integrated.

For example, when the Oracle Solaris software detects a fault, it displays the fault, logs it, and passes information to Oracle ILOM where it is logged.

Depending on the fault, one or more LEDs might also be illuminated.

The diagnostics used, and the order in which they are used, depend on the nature of the problem that is troubleshooted.

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