What are the enterprise-class management technologies supported by Oracle Sparc T3–2 server?

The Oracle Sparc T3–2 server is a two-socket, three-rack unit (3U) server.

Effective system management requires both integrated hardware that can sense and modify the behavior of key system elements, as well as advanced tools that can automate key administrative tasks.

Each SPARC T3–2 server provides an Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM 3.0) service processor, compatible with Oracle’s x64 servers.

Integrated Lights Out Manager provides a command-line interface (CLI), a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI), and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) functionality to aid out-of-band monitoring and administration.

Integrated Lights Out Manager:

The Integrated Lights Out Manager service processor acts as a system controller, facilitating remote management and administration of SPARC T3–2 server.

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM) is system management firmware that is preinstalled on SPARCT3–2 servers.

Features and functions of Integrated Lights Out Manager:

Oracle ILOM helps to manage and monitor components installed in the server.

Oracle ILOM provides a browser-based interface and a command-line interface, as well as SNMP and IPMI interfaces.

The Oracle ILOM service processor runs independently of the server and regardless of the server power state as long as AC power is connected to the server.

The Integrated Lights Out Manager service processor manages inventory and environmental controls for the server, including CPUs, DIMMs, and power supplies, and provides HTTPS, CLI, and SNMP access to this data.

This supplies remote textual console interfaces and provides a means to download upgrades to all system firmware.

It allows the administrator to remotely manage the server, independent of the operating system running on the platform and without interfering with any system activity.

Conditions monitored:

Integrated Lights Out Manager send e-mail alerts of hardware failures and warnings, as well as other events related to each server.

The Integrated Lights Out Manager circuitry runs independently from the server, using the server’s standby power.

Integrated Lights Out Manager monitors the SPARC T3–2 conditions like CPU temperature conditions, Hard drive presence, Enclosure thermal conditions, Fan speed and status, Power supply status, Voltage conditions and Oracle Solaris watchdog, boot time-outs, and automatic server restart events.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center:

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center technology provides an IT infrastructure management platform for integrating and automating management of thousands of heterogeneous systems.

To improve lifecycle and change management, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center supports the management of applications and the Sparc T3–2 servers on which they run.

The administrators can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to discover bare metal systems based on a given subnet address or IP range when systems are added to the management network.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center lets users logically group systems together by function and performs actions across a group of systems as easily as performing actions on a single system.

Systems can be grouped Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center remotely installs operating systems onto selected systems. Administrators can use this functionality to provision operating systems onto bare-metal systems or reprovision existing systems.

Functions of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center:

Enterprise Manager Ops Center used to monitor system health, helping to ensure that everything is running at the optimal levels while the systems are up and running.

The software provides detailed hardware monitoring for attributes such as fans, temperature, disk, and voltage usage, including bare-metal systems.

This also monitors OS attributes such as swap space, CPU, memory, and file systems.

Administrators can define specific threshold levels and set preferred notification methods, including e-mail, pager, or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps, for each monitored component as business needs demand.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center includes Lights Out Management capabilities, such as powering systems on and off, and remote serial console access to help IT organizations manage their IT infrastructure from remote locations.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center offers users a hybrid user interface (UI), accessible from the Web, that integrates both the GUI and CLI into one console.

Oracle’s SPARC T3–2 server has strengths to provide powerful and highly scalable server platforms while delivering even higher levels of performance in a compact rack mount chassis. The result is data center infrastructure that can truly scale to meet new challenges with a very small footprint.

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