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Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers extreme RAS and performance in a 2RU footprint.

The Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server running the industry-leading Oracle Solaris OS was architected to help the customers contain existing application fees, deploy new business services and consolidate existing distributed systems more cost effectively and reliably than ever before.

In-built self-healing mechanisms , dependability, and the latest 2.86 GHz SPARC64 VII+ processor, provides excellent and long term operation for a wide range of systems including databases, ERP application modules and telecommunication systems.


Powered by the SPARC64 VII processor, ideal for single-threaded workloads. The SPARC64 VII processor utilizes a Simultaneous Multi-Threading architecture (SMT), that allows for excellent single core performance. This processor runs at 2.86GHz.

Operating systems:

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server support Oracle Solaris 10. Oracle Solaris 10 has technologies such as DTrace, ZFS, Containers and Predictive Self-Healing, making it the safest and most scalable UNIX operating system available. Solaris is the only OS that has the scalability, security, and diagnostic features to fully and quickly respond if a major application problem occurs.

High Scalability:

The M3000 the customers to scale from 1 CPU to 64 CPUs all within the same family and without having to learn a new management system. That means the customers can take advantage of Enterprise class RAS features in a 2 RU box and can incrementally grow and configure their business processes exactly as they need them.

Space and Power Efficiency:

The compact and flexible Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers greatly improved business efficiency. Customers can maintain the current performance levels of two Sun Fire V445 servers by consolidating onto one M3000 server and reduce space and power consumption by 75 percent.

Easy to manage virtualization platform:

With advanced virtualization capabilities, clustering and high scalability the SPARC M3000 server is ideal for enterprise consolidation projects. Virtualization options, from hardware domains to Oracle Solaris Containers, make M-series the best platform to consolidate mission-critical, enterprise class applications. The Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server is an easy-to-manage consolidation/virtualization platform.

Investment protection:

The use of four core processors reduces the cost of socket based application licenses as well as enabling more flexible and extensive use of Solaris Containers. The high reliability and lower operating costs and provides unrivalled investment protection.

Oracle Solaris binary compatibility. Customers are free to update to newer operating system versions while maintaining their investment in customized applications

Memory ,Storage and Expansion:

The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server supports up to 64GB of memory using 8GB DIMM, four PCI Express I/O slots, and up to four 600GB internal, 2.5in. SAS HDDs. Data on the internal disk can be further protected using the built-in HW RAID support.

Virtualization technologies:

With Oracle Solaris Containers customers can isolate applications and services, and run multiple environments within a single instance. With hardware partitions, customers can divide systems into fault-isolated partitions, running independent instances of Oracle Solaris.

Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 servers are ideal for customers needing highly scalable, reliable platforms that increase their system utilization and performance through virtualization.

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