Which is the ideal server for web infrastructure, middleware and application development?

The Netra SPARC T4–1 server is 2RU rack-mountable server with extreme scalability, energy efficiency, and carrier-grade reliability in a compact form factor. The Sun SPARC T4–1 offers new levels of performance and scalability across a variety of workloads. The servers are based on the new SPARC T4 processor, which provides approximately five times the single-threaded throughput of the previous generation SPARC T3 processor while preserving similar levels of throughput for concurrent, multithreaded applications. The advanced SPARC T4 processor features integrated on-chip cryptographic support that provides wire speed encryption capabilities without any application performance penalties. Fifth-generation multicore, multithreading technology supports up to 64 threads in as little as two rack units (2RU), providing increased computational density while staying within constrained envelopes for power and cooling.

Navigator system provides support and maintenance for SPARC T4–1 server features one SPARC T4 processor and 16 DIMM slots, which can support a total of 512 GB of memory when populated with 32 GB DIMMs. The SPARC T4–1 server has a combination of eight hard disk drives or solid state drives and six PCI Express card slots for highly expandable internal storage and network connectivity. Sun Sparc T4–1 supports large Flash storage configurations that accelerate I/O intensive application performance, improve business response times and increase productivity while reducing power and space.

Navigator system offers world class support and Hardware maintenance for Sun Sparc T4–1 server. Sun Sparc T4–1 also features four 1GbE ports and up to two 10GbE XAUI ports. The Netra SPARC T4–1 provides a network infrastructure solution with carrier-grade reliability leveraging the chassis from the previous generation, hot swappable components such as high-efficiency AC or DC power supplies and disk drives. The Sun SPARC T4–1 comes integrated with Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) service processor at no additional cost that offers industry-standard protocols for standalone system management as well as integration with many industries leading management systems.

In addition to breakthrough performance and scalability, the Netra SPARC T4–1 servers are certified to meet Network Equipment Building Specification (NEBS) Level 3 requirements for environments that demand continuous availability and simplified management. Numerous architectural features — including key redundant and hot-swappable components — enable the Netra SPARC T4–1 servers to deliver outstanding levels of availability and reliability that contribute to continuous system operation. The Sun SPARC T4–1 supports both Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 including the latest Oracle Solaris Containers, Oracle Solaris ZFS, and Electronic Prognostics. Oracle Solaris and virtualization software such as the Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC technology make the Netra SPARC T4–1 a cost effective platform for large-scale telecommunication data center consolidation.

The Sun SPARC T4–1 server enhances speed, scalability, and security in a sleek, compact design.Combined with Oracle enterprise software, the SPARC T4–1 is a cost efficient platform for web infrastructure, middleware and application development.

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