Which is the ideal server for Web-scale businesses, creating virtualized and eco-efficient data centers, and securing enterprise applications?

The energy-efficient, high-performance SPARC T3–1server offers organizations a unique blend of vertical and horizontal scalability and demonstrate the performance and reliability traditionally reserved for midrange to higher-end systems.These servers represent the next wave of high-efficiency systems based on the fourth-generation of chip multithreading technology (CMT). The Sun SPARC T3–1 server, powered by the industry’s first 16-core SPARC T3 processor and running the industry leading Oracle Solaris operating system, is the first 128-thread, general purpose server offered in a 2 RU enclosure. It packs up to 16 cores and up to 128 simultaneous threads onto a single piece of silicon, together with the key functions of an entire system on a single chip — computing, networking, security, and I/O.

Based on SPARC T3 processor, this carrier-grade, NEBS Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant SunSPARC T3–1 server combines cutting-edge performance with the ruggedness and reliability of the Sun Sparc T3 server family. The system offers a large memory footprint with 16 DIMM slots making it ideally suited for memory-intensive applications. Storage connectivity bandwidth is also doubled from the previous generation server with the upgrade to SAS-2 interfaces. For even more flexibility, the Sun SPARC T3–1 server supports four internal disk drives with DVD-RW, five high bandwidth PCIe 2.0 and integrates four GbE ports to provide connectivity for high-speed, high-bandwidth networking. The Sun Sparc T3–1 server features Five PCIe slots with two full-height, half-length x8 PCIe slot 64bit at 133MHz, three low profile PCIe slots, or one low-profile, and two low-profile PCIe or XAUI combination slots for High expandability and network interfaces. Redundant hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies and hot-pluggable hard disk drives enhance the system’s uptime.Support and Maintenance in Bangalore for the Sun SPARC T3–1 will be offering longer lifecycle than other commercial servers.

With on-chip RAS, redundant power supplies, hot-pluggable disk drives, and support for hardware RAID (0 and 1)the Sun Sparc T3–1 server offers enhanced system uptime, availability, and reliability. The Sun SPARC T3–1 server is offered with the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM), which enables simplified remote monitoring and management from anywhere on the network.

Navigator System provides support and maintenance for Sun SPARC T3–1 server which offers Oracle VM for SPARC 2.0 and Oracle Solaris Containers enabling ultimate server virtualization and consolidation at an affordable cost. The Sun SparcT3–1 supports Solaris 10, Oracle’s Unix variant. The unique binary compatibility features of Solaris provides upgrade from any other legacy UltraSPARC based system at minimal cost and effort. With integrated on-chip 10 Gigabit Ethernet and cryptographic acceleration, as well as smart integrated design using fewer parts, the Sun SPARC T3–1 server offers a very safe and reliable platform to help in deploying applications.

This highest performing Sun SPARC T3–1 rack server in a 2RU carrier-grade package doubles the compute performance while reducing overall system power and cooling demands. This reliable, scalable and easy to maintain server is designed to meet today’s increasing requirements of the telco networks for more compute power, memory and I/O bandwidth.

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