Which is the ideal Storage for mission critical environments?

The HP StorageWorks 6400StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family is an enterprise class storage array system designed to aggregate and automate the array management tasks to manage more storage capacity with fewer resources.

HP 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array automatically improves performance by placing data across more disk drives with tiered storage and tightly integrates replication when using highly visible software applications. Higher capacity utilization provides improved performance and manageable storage in a more consolidated environmental footprint. The ease of management using HP Command View Software results in less time spent on maintenance and administrative intervention.

HP StorageWorks 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array 14/22GB 10GbE iSCSI offering supports a full rack of disks and allows hundreds of servers to be connected to the EVA cost effectively using iSCSI in addition to Fibre Channel and offer an incredible value to customers.

The EVA6400 uses the 12 bay M6412A disk enclosure and Fibre Channel disks. Drive options include SSD, 10k, 15k and FATA HDD support.

The EVA family’s redundant architecture and value added software are designed to eliminate single-points-of-failure from the server to storage in clustered or single server configurations with multi-pathing.

HP StorageWorks Continuous Access provides disaster tolerant replication across a Fibre Channel SAN. Continuous Access EVA performs real-time replication between HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays.

HP StorageWorks Disaster Tolerant Solution for mySAP Business Suite on EVA offers a business continuance solution for SAP environments, where data integrity and value added functionality are high priorities.

The EVA6400 provides support for industry-leading Operating System platforms including: HP-UX, HP OpenVMS, Windows Server 2003 ,Windows Server 2008 ,Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Sun Solaris ,Linux Red Hat, SUSE/SLES (including Open Enterprise Server), Oracle Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, VMware Apple Mac OSX, Xen Citrix Xen ,RHEL Virtualization, Oracle Virtual Machine.

The EVA6400 configurations allow a wide range of configuration options. The EVA offer flexible factory rack mounting options in either a standard 42U cabinet (based on the HP 10000 G2 Series Rack- or a choice of 42U extended, 36U and 22U heights.

All EVA are configured with dual HSV controllers that operate in a redundant mode. Each controller has four redundant Fibre Channel (FC) host ports. Each EVA6400 controller has four FC host ports per controller. In the event of a path failure, the alternate paths to the controller can be utilized with the use of multi-path software in the Operating System software or Secure Path software. The EVA6400, with four fibre channel device ports per HSV400 controller, supports 2 redundant fibre channel loops. Each controller can connect to both ports on up to 216 drives.

Adapts to improve performance by placing data across more spindles and automatically re-leveling when new storage is added. EVA solutions tightly integrate local and remote replication with highly visible software applications. EVA offers tiered storage for the most effective use of storage dollars.

HP Storage works EVA6400 offers total solutions for the data center, including servers, EVAs, array integrated software, services and support for iSCSI, file, and print, backup with Virtual Library System (VLS), data migration with SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP).

The EVA6400 with HP StorageWorks MPX200 Multifunction Router enable the user to run hundreds of virtual machines efficiently with increasing return on investment (ROI) using unified block storage (FC/FCoE/iSCSI) and manage storage through a single pane of glass. Additionally, MPX200 provides Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) connectivity and data migration capabilities with optional licenses. FCoE is enabled on MPX200 at no charge with just a firmware download. MPX200 extends HP EVA investment by adding multi-protocol support without requiring separate storage arrays or additional management costs. The MPX200 enables modular multi-protocol SAN designs with increased scalability, stability, ROI and simpler to manage storage solutions for virtualized server environments. The MPX200’s enterprise-class high-availability design provides dual hot-pluggable power supplies and router blades with no single point of failure. MPX200 and EVA6400hardware bundles provide exceptional value to HP customers.

HP StorageWorks 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array gives the ability to scale and choose the EVA that is right for the budget and environment. Quick, easy EVA installation and simplified administration and management free the user to manage the business priorities and not the storage solution.

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