Choose A Career Where You Thrive And Not Just Survive

With the entrance exams coming up in few months, prospective college students tend to immerse themselves completely in the preparation of these exams in a hope to score well and get into a reputed college. In this period, they completely neglect to ponder upon crucial questions that will decide the path of their career — the course they should pursue if they have the aptitude to do a particular course, which college will enhance their overall talent and more.

In one of our blog posts, we spoke about how important it is to put your efforts in the right direction that can give you a rewarding career. In this post we will highlight some more insightful reasons for students to consider on why choosing the right career path is important.

Choose a career path that is a two-way match for you

Students of the age of 17–19 years have an inclination or fascination towards various things, for instance, a student likes playing guitar and there is another student who finds skyscrapers and huge buildings amazing. Both of them may have pictured themselves pursuing a career in music or civil engineering (in this particular case); but do they really have an aptitude for music or architecture? Do they have an understanding of what the field entails them to do once they start working as professionals in these areas? Probably not!

According to a survey by Career Change Challenge, “Only 2% of people surveyed, claim to be working in the occupation they had planned when they were 18 Years old. Major part of that is due to our limited idea of careers.

There is a very thin but crucial line between interest and aptitude which needs to be carefully analyzed and understood before you jump into any conclusion about pursuing a career in a field. Sometimes what we think about a profession is on a superficial level because of our limited exposure to the academic and professional world.

Navigus can help you in analyzing your inclination and talent to the nearest precision. We do it with the help of our inbuilt career recommendation and guidance engine which measures where your expertise lies and where you can put your efforts that can bring out the best in you.

Choose a college that boosts multiple facets of your talents

Learning about your interests is one of the most important aspects while deciding a college you want to get into. But what about the field of robotics that fascinates you or sketching, which you are really good at? Does getting into a college mean forgetting about your hobbies or other talents?

No, not if you get into the right college.

There are colleges which have strong extra/curricular activities in their curriculum. For instance, IIT Kharagpur is known for its theater groups and alumni excelling at creative arts, while Delhi College of Engineering is known for its affiliations to automotive designing. These colleges not only excel in the mainstream courses but also have programs & training to help you enhance your extra/co-curricular skills, which may open up previously unexplored and very rewarding avenues.

However, a major part of the problem lies in finding out which colleges specialize in what activity? A possible and painstaking solution to go about it is to do in-depth research by physically going to different colleges, interacting with the existing students in college etc., which is extremely time-consuming as well as requires monetary spending.

A smarter way is to make use of data science leveraging authenticated and fresh data collected from all over the colleges.

Check how Navigus’s rich database can help you get updated information about colleges, courses, and other activities.

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As students, we usually overlook these important deciding factors that will later impact our lives greatly. It is always better to get to know and examine your interests in the beginning and put efforts (time and resources) in the right direction accordingly.

Have you come across other ways that impact your decision to choose the right college for you? Do share your thoughts in the comment below.