The Other Side With Navigus Series: Madhava Sripada, A Civil Engineer

“Civil Engineering? Hmm...
This is the initial reaction of many! People usually visualize an image of remote project site locations and tough working conditions. But sadly, no one looks at the bigger picture - "Contribution to building the nation’s infrastructure.

Being a civil engineer gives you an opportunity to meet and engage with lots of individuals. As most of our initial years of work are spent on the ground, we have to constantly interact with people from different walks of life - Clients, Contractors, Suppliers, Customers, Workers. This probably is one of the biggest experiences you will receive - How to get work done on time within a pre-decided budget and more importantly how to get 'quality' work done from people, which most people struggle with."

“What is one piece of advice that you’d like to give to the budding engineers of today?"
"Networking is super important! Stay connected with your seniors as well as juniors!

It’s not about increasing your contact list, it’s about establishing a relationship.

never know who you might meet few years down the line which might be the reason for you to land at your next big job!"

Madhava Sripada

If you wish to know more about a career in civil engineering and how to go about pursuing it, feel free to reach out to Madhava here -

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