I love to flaunt my failure!

Every line written here is a fact of my life.

I passed my 10th ICSE with an average score and decided to continue in the same school with science stream. Not forced by anyone but everything was my choice. 
In, 2010 I failed in 12th boards Maths and disaster struck.

I was told by people that in life am not fit for anything. Not fit for a 4th grade job even in a municipal corporation. You can imagine the life of failed student in a society obsessed with marks

Results of this incident :-

I had to leave my hometown, my parents, my native place and leave a very low profile life in Delhi. I moved to a different city to battle the embarrassment. Although I could have easily lived there, I decided to live in a very limited money as I deserved struggle.

As a result of this exercise, till date I know the value of each rupee I earned and everything else, be it money or people. Now I know meaning of every element in life.

Secondly I had nothing to do those times, and I always wanted to learn Computers and Economics in life. I had plenty of time. Then I started reading anything and everything. When i say I know about tons of things like International- Relations, Geopolitics, War History, Technology, Enterprise IT, Commerce, International Trade, Aerospace and Avionics, Stock Markets and World History , Economics, Indian History , People blink there eyes and its a shock and awe!

Result of the above I had represented my institute in Debates and quizzes and Group discussions everywhere. Till date I read about 150 pages of content everyday and I have been doing this from past 5 years of my life everyday. Relentlessly

Lets come back to reality. Academics, I passed my boards happily next year, I still hold 2 certificates and I flaunt my failure. I later completed my Computer Science Engineering from a reputed college in Bangalore. Not to mention, It was my choice. Life was very easy at the college, You know the reasons because the One year I have spent reading about the things they teach in Colleges.

I work in a reputed IT Consulting firm and Engaged with Microsoft as an IT consultant. Looking for a masters degrees and I would say I have urge for at least 4 of them in different fields.


Cheers to life!

Thanks for reading!

Navin Prakash

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