Slacklining in India?

How & Where do I get started?

What’s Slack-Lining?

It’s like tight-rope walking, on a not-so-tight, not-so-round not-rope.

Slackliners Samar Farooqui, Rohit Vartak & Bhupesh Patil ©, Moving Images & Magic Pixels

Oh.. So it’s not tight-rope walking….

Slacklining is a sport that primarily entails walking on a flat strip of webbing between 2 anchor points, like trees or even cliffs. To many, it’s more than just a sport. Personally, I see it as a form of expression and active meditation. A global network of beautiful people and future-friends with a common interest in exploring balance, internally and externally.

So, slacklining in India?

Globally, slacklining has been around since the 80’s and has been steadily growing in India only since (circa) 2010, thanks to a bunch of enthusiastic slackliners who have been keen to share their stoke. Now, almost all major cities in India have a group of slackliners, some more active than others.

Where do I get started?

Most slackliners you will ever come across are usually happy to share their sport (aka knowledge and equipment) with enthusiastic people, regardless of age, background or body type.

Sibby, Anirudh, Saurabh, Bhakti & Kshitij ©Poornabodh, Navin Torres, Underwater Festival

If you’ve reached this far, I’d recommend you to connect with the groups below and find out more about meet-ups, highline spots or whether they prefer to slackline with or without shoes:

Delhi: Facebook Group

Bangalore: Facebook Group

Mumbai: Facebook Group

Goa: Facebook Group

Pune: Facebook Group | Whatsapp Group

Lonavala: Facebook Group

Chennai: Facebook Group

Hyderabad: Facebook Group

Have I missed out on any cities? Leave a comment below :)

Need Inspiration?

Here’s what some of my friends that have inspired me along the way have to say…

Sebastian Gum Chung © Samuel Barton & Cesar
“Slacklining is the tangible manifestation of perfect balance in an unstable world” [Sebastian Gum Chung, USA]
Samar Farooqui © Slacklife Inc. & Mohamed Ali Abid
“Slacklining is a hobby turned profession. It is something that has helped me grow and evolve as an individual, made me a better version of myself.” [Samar Farooqui, India]
Carlos Martin © Juan J. Pestaña & Anka Kiełkucka
“Slacklining is my escape, my passion and my lifestyle. I have met incredible people from around the word and it’s helped me grow so much as a person.” [Carlos Martin, Spain]
Syed Zaid Ahmed ©Sandeep Nema & Siddarth Devaraj
“Slacklining is MOVING meditation. The fight is with you and you alone. You just compete with yourself to be better from the last walk on the line.” [Syed Zaid Ahmed, India]
Sofia Blasco ©Ismael & Woitje
“ To me, slacklining is a passion that gives me most happiness. When I’m on the line, I can be free, it’s only me and the line.” [Sofia Blasco, Spain]

Slacklining is a great excuse to travel the world too, click here to find a list of 1,000+ local slackline groups from across the globe! Let me know if you found this post useful by commenting below. Keep it slack