Thank God for George Carlin

2017 may very well prove to be the year of Sexual Misconduct — or at least for reporting it. So many powerful men have been accused of it, the newspaper is carrying some story or the other almost daily.

All of this didn’t really disturb me. I mean it did disturb me that men in power are abusing it and doing something utterly shameful for which they should be prosecuted and punished the way the law deems fit. It didn’t disturb me because it didn’t put any pressure on me to change anything. This changed when the men accused included Kevin Spacey and Louis CK.

George Carlin has been my all time favorite when it comes to stand up comedy.

I am a fan of both, no used to be a fan of both. I admired the work of Kevin Spacey and there are some movies I could watch only for him including LA Confidential, Usual Suspects and Seven. I love stand up comedy and there are some comedians whose work I like. Then there are a handful of people like George Carlin and Louis CK whose work is beyond good. Anything they have produced is just great. There is nothing that I have ever seen from the two of them that I have watched and felt was not good.

To know what these two people have done is heartbreaking. Odd word to use, but this is how I can define it. Two talented men who produced great work which I thoroughly enjoyed, but can no longer watch it without feeling the creeps. I feel betrayed.

Here is a link to an article on Louis CK case.