If you are postponing fitness activities, you are ruining your health everyday

Competition, rat-race and never ending desire to make more and more money make people forget about the vital aspect of their life: Health. Changing lifestyles and work environments are wreaking havoc on physical as well as mental health. Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression are some widely found diseases in millennials. The good thing is that people are getting aware of health related issues and the bad thing is they hardly do any thing to avoid them. Is postponing fitness activities going to cause irreparable damage to your body and mind? The answer may be yes in most of the cases.

Let’s discuss.

They say ‘ignorance’ is a bliss but don’t confuse it with ‘carelessness’.

Read following to check your levels of carelessness towards your body:

No workout schedule: Your body is becoming dull and lazy. People who are into white collar jobs or desk jobs may complain of neck/back pain and those who spend most of their time inside AC rooms, don’t sweat much which is not a healthy thing since sweat takes out toxins from body.

No diet check or diet plan: When people don’t plan for fitness, they usually miss eating healthy things too or eat lot of unhealthy food. If you are not eating right things at right time, you are making yourself unhealthy. Too much intake of sugar, alcohol, oily food needs to be checked.

No regular full body tests: Laboratory tests give clear picture of almost all body functions. If you are not getting these tests done, you should start doing that since sometimes you have certain false assumptions e.g. I was very lean and I used to eat lot of junk food. I had no idea that my cholesterol levels could be high, but so was the case and finally I stopped eating junk food, put a check on oil consumption, started exercising and next time after 4–5 months the cholesterol levels went normal.

No meditation or relaxation activities: If you are not pursuing any hobby or not meditate at all and just following a routine: eat, work and sleep, then you start taking your mental health seriously. Relaxation techniques are very important and they may vary from person to person.

How to begin with fitness activities?

Stick to a workout/running routine daily: 3–5 Kms running or 30–60 mins working out in the gym will help you stay healthy.

Get your lab tests done: CBC, Diabetes, Vitamins, Bone Health, Lipid profile, Liver profile, Urine culture, Hormonal level tests; all these tests must be done every six months.

Stick to a diet chart: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” You may consult a dietitian for making a diet chart which will depend on your Body Mass Index(BMI) and age. You should show him your lab test reports in order to make a better plan.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate: Empty your mind. Take your mind into a void or thought free state for sometime and also focus on few things too after that. You can start with guided meditation. Give positive suggestions and make a do’s and don’ts list in your mind.

Drink lots of water: 2-3 litres per day.

Keep your weight in check: Weight gain after a limit is no gain, it’s a pain. Measure it regularly. If it’s increasing, be more strict while doing exercise and following the diet plan or you may consult your doctor.

Stay happy always: Because happiness is a journey not a destination.